It was something like a dream.. And I survived..

Feyza Papak
Posted October 4, 2020 from Turkey

Once upon a time I had a slant-eyed father.

I walk in the front, my father in the back, down a long corridor. I'm a little nervous. There are doors at regular intervals along the corridor. Two people in front of each door. We stop when we get to the door at the end of the corridor. We do not look at each other, we do not talk.

There is a signal. With the sound, my slanting-eyed dad helps me through the door. After I walk through the door, I look back, the vines on the door are moving and the back is invisible.


I'm in a struggle but I don't know what for.

As we progress, I see that we are on a huge ship in the middle of the sea. The ship is suddenly in flames. It starts to freeze after it burns. And I fall into the water, no matter how much I try to surface, I get pulled to the bottom. As all my energy is running out, something from the depths is coming to help me. When we come to the surface, I see that I am on a dragon. It's a battlefield, the frozen ship is sinking. We are rising towards the sky. There is another dragon trying to attack and prevent us, but we win. When we climb above the clouds, we become calm. My savior stands on a cloud. I'm getting off it. We look at each other and our foreheads touch each other when we bend down to greet each other.

I had this dream in June 2010. It is in my mind even the shoes that I have worn as if I have seen it for over 10 years but still new.

While doing a research today, I came across the story of Bükrek and Sangal in Turkish mythology. Bukrek is a dragon representing the good, not harming people, even helping people. Because he has no wings, he cannot fly. It has a long neck and very strong claws. It is said that his voice is beautiful, even heard from the other side of the world, and the evil dragons who hear his voice are looking for a place to escape.

It is said that he fought with Sangal, who represented the evil forces, for 9 years, and Bukrek finally won. It is even depicted that they have an image reminiscent of yin and yang as they war.

It is believed that since the war was over, Bükrek has lived in the ocean where all seas meet, and has come to earth every 1000 years and control the human condition.

The dragon that saved me from chaos could fly, but I believed it was Bukrek. I have almost no doubt that it was Sangal who attacked us. The enormous ship that crashed after froze and sank is my illness, and the yin yang portrayed in the battle of two dragons is my view of life.

I love the smell of the morning frost.

I wish you a day where you don't have time for negative.

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Nini Mappo
Oct 06, 2020
Oct 06, 2020

Hello Feyza,
Interesting dream and interpretation too. I am glad that you could use your oral history to give meaning to your dream. Because it is frustrating when dreams remain in code.
I continue to wish you well in your ongoing journey to recovery:)

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