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About Me

I am a senior VP and Managing Partner at Valente, consulting firm where I drive strategy and vision for our company, creating opportunities for consultants to thrive in great teams and projects, and partnering with Fortune 1,000 companies to help these companies achieve the impact they need. I have extensive experience in product development, globalization, localization, engineering, user experience, ecommerce, publishing, international marketing, and project management. I was born in Paris, France. I moved to Redmond to work as a technical writer at Microsoft Corp. in the Office division but ended up doing localization engineering for several MSFT products before moving on to project management. It was natural when I left Microsoft in 2003 to continue focusing on internationalization. I have a passion for journalism, film making, language, yoga, meditation, fashion, the environment and animals.

My Vision

Selfless love. A world without suffering or sorrow. Unity of interests.


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