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About Me

I am an educator, activist, leader and multi-media journalist with more than 20 years' experience focusing on crime victim advocacy and policy making related to power-based violence and crisis response, violence prevention education and mental health, human rights, social justice, and disability rights issues.

I'm a lover of animals, oceans, music, art, film, books, and having a very good time. I just returned home to the Pacific Northwest, and it's so inspiring to rediscover Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

Back in Moscow, Idaho, I produced a radio program along with the University of Idaho Women's Center, "Yin Radio," featuring women's voices and women's stories. You can listen to some episodes and get to know me better via my web page!

I love to motivate audiences and students to make connections and take action: as individuals and collectively. I enjoy using humor and personal narratives to focus on social justice, diversity and gender equity topics and get people connected on a gut level to the issues.

I've rededicated myself to writing, and am determined to tell my stories that have the potential to heal and uplift others who are struggling or who have struggled with violence. I am one PROUD feminist.

My Vision

I envision a world in which all living things are seen, respected, and celebrated for what we all truly are at the essence: like cells in a body, each of us is a world unto ourselves yet deeply dependent on the health of the whole. We are creatures of love, with limitless spirit and capacity for creativity and kindness. Creating spaces -- particularly for women who struggle with the aftermath of violence -- to speak their truth, to FIND that truth, is my passion. Dancing with these survivors, out front, out loud, laughing and grasping hands, is my dream.


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