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About Me

I’m a writer/journalist/campaigner who happens to live in the centre of a medieval town in south-west France but who uses the web every day to do my work, whether it’s in London or Hong Kong; who uses the web as a source for information and inspiration; and who uses the web to stay in contact with friends and colleagues using social media.

I first started using the web back when screens were black and the type-face was bright green Courier back in 1991. Through this ‘thing’ called the World Wide Web, I was able to access scientific research in the USA that no-one had access to back in the UK. I used that research in a documentary I produced for the BBC which helped change the existing law on using organo-phosphate chemicals in sheep farming. For me, it was an empowering lesson in the capability of the net to bring about change.

My professional career has taken me from being a director/producer of documentaries for the BBC and other channels, to becoming one of the first TV execs to work with the new digital channels. I then went on to become Director of Imagineering at the BBC which allowed me to explore future technologies and ways of using the web and seeing how those technologies could be used in the creative world of programme-making. I then left the media world to help launch the first 3G mobile telecoms service in the UK with responsibility for getting live video onto mobile screens. Now, I work part-time as a media consultant/researcher specialising in the changes in the news-gathering/news agency world. By doing that, I give myself the time to do other things such as writing and campaigning.
Great writing and great writers; my family, my friends, those I love; remaining curious and passionate about the world Getting the balance right between work/creativity/personal life Media; journalism; digital technology; innovative creativity

My Vision

I believe passionately that every individual can play their part in bringing about change