Female responsibility

Posted March 13, 2019 from Cameroon

In previous years in my country, during the International Women's Day, women who had drunk too much and danced while undressing were seen on the streets. The men applauded, filmed them and watched them on the evening news.

It was really very sad.

This year, I believe that many women have realized their value. They were mostly responsible. There were no cases of deviance. Active women organized conferences, seminars, and trainings to better support women and girls during the month of women. I am very proud to have been able to contribute to this through my passing through some of my students.

I want to encourage other women who have not yet taken the women's empowerment train to do so. We are the strenght of the world. Do not be discouraged. Let's show the world that we are able to achieve our projet.

Together, we will get there.

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Marie Abanga
Mar 13
Mar 13

Dear Raissa,

What a cool post. I do agree with you we had started to have an awful reputation in Cameroon about how we celebrated the IWD. This year, I didn't only go on air on the day itself, but I was involved in activities the whole of that week to commemorate womanhood.
In sisterhood

Thank you Dear

Jill Langhus
Mar 13
Mar 13

Hi Raissa,

Thanks for sharing your inspiring post. This is very good news that you didn't witness any disempowering behavior from women in your region on IWD. I hope this is the onward trend for women there. Please keep us posted.

You are welcome

Jill Langhus
Mar 14
Mar 14


Hello, Raisa,

I love this statement, “We (women) are the strength of the world”. Yes! We can do this! Thanks for passing on what you learn to your students and to us, too!

Happy Women’s Day (coz on World Pulse, Women’s Day is everyday).

Oh yes !

Thanks a lot dear we are the strength of the world. I like your post and we make impacts where ever we are. I was fully engaged in a Gender and development program in the Philippines where I created the awareness on gender concerns to students and teachers focusing on a shift from concentrating on men to carrying along women and men, boys and girls towards development and Peace.

Thank you Dear. Please can i have your email?

Moforyan Lydienne
Mar 16
Mar 16

Oh yes so true trends really changed this year dear. The women are more conscious of their contribution to the growth of their society hence the need to be responsible