Posted April 8, 2019 from Cameroon

For several days, we have seen photos of women beaten by their husbands on the social media.

How is this still possible in a world where we recommend dialogue within the couple. How our governments support these battered women?

How are his men treated by our legal authorities? It's really sad to see mothers being treated like this by their husbands and especially to see these pictures exposed to the world through social networks.

I was able to see the case of a woman who was beaten to death by her husband and so the family continues to demand justice. We must no longer accept to be treaten like thism in front of our children. We must fight for our rights, we must claim our respect. Many women live these situations in silence, we must be able to make them understand what must break this silence.

I would suggest that we create sessions in this network to educate married women or those living in concubinage with men. What women lawyers teach us, sociologists ...

Its very important, the Autonomy of the woman will go through an education of good quality

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Jill Langhus
Apr 08
Apr 08

Hi Raissa,

Thanks for sharing your sad, but important post. I agree that women need to break the silence and speak up to end violence. It's a great idea about creating sessions on WP to educate women. Would you be running them online? What are the most pertinent topics do you think need to be addressed?

Hope you're having a great day!

Marie Abanga
Jun 25
Jun 25

Hi Raissa,

It is indeed pathetic what goes on in our societies and the deaf ear or blind eye being turned around by the powers that be. Fortunately I could say, there is hope. There are more organizations and CSOs now championing such causes, more women are rising up and speaking up, and the train of silence is silent no more.

Jun 25
Jun 25

I absolutely agreed with you. It'd highly time oh why? The sad part is when after beaten and the woman runs to the parents home, same parents will rather take side with her husband exposing their daughter to more violence in the hand of her husband.
Hey women any man that beats his wife is not worth you. Be brave and speak up. Thanks for sharing my dear Raisaa.