Speaking For Women of Afghanistan

Posted October 7, 2021 from United States

About a month ago Taliban took over Kabul, Afghanistan introducing themselves as the new and now government. Taliban have been known for their brutal attacks against women and invoke Sharia Law to control women and their steps. In the past women have been restrained from education, music, having a job, becoming political figures, and even showing their faces. 

My heart is with every Afghan women and little girl with hopes to one day see a greater life. I ask myself everyday why has America stepped away from helping these women. I understand war needed to end. I don't understand how we couldn't stay to fight for Humanitarian Rights that are clearly being violated. 

I speak up for the women of Afghanistan because if God wanted that could have been my life. If God intended my life to be in Afghanistan I could have lived through such a tragic life but because I was fortunate enough to not know what a day in Afghanistan is like is why I speak up. I hope all women of all cultures unite to fight for women rights in Afghanistan. Sending love and prayers to every women in the Middle East and I pray we see justice one day. I will continue to use my voice and platform to speak on women in Afghanistan.

In my heart I will never forget the struggles of another women nor will I stand quiet for another women. God works in mysterious ways and I know we will see justice one day for women in the Middle East. I pray the women of Afghanistan never stop praying nor believing that one day they too will see a brighter horizon. 


Sending Love. 



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This story was submitted in response to Human Rights for All.

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Jill Langhus
Oct 08
Oct 08

Hi Jenny,

How are you? Thanks for sharing your empathy, love and solidarity with the women in the Middle East. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you and learning more about what you're passionate about.

Oct 08
Oct 08

Hi Jenny
Beautiful prayers for women in the Middle East, beautiful support strategy. Thank you!
I love the visual:) too.

All the best!

Beth Lacey
Oct 11
Oct 11

I join you in your prayers. Your words are uplifting.