Poem for the rural woman

Foka Sherifatu
Posted October 15, 2019 from Cameroon


I celebrate you oh my rural woman.

Your strength is endless. Your search is endless Your products satisfactory   Wonderful woman Creative woman Your endless efforts guard humanity Harshness of the sun and the rain gives you no limitation.

You are a strong tool of peace and endurance.

A remarkable virtuous woman. Age does not limit you from feeding the multiplying population. The pride of mother nature here. The figure in which everyone depend on

Your serve humanity without judgement You save life's without regretted. You fear not for you are pure

A blessed woman A blessed mother A blessed sister

You are all in one. Your role is important Oh my rural woman 


  • Foka Sherifatu.

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Oct 16
Oct 16

Dear Foka,
A big welcome to our platform here. Its a very beautiful poem for the rural woman indeed. I hope all rural women reading this would be proud of you.

Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a good day.

Thank you for sharing your poem with us, Foka!

I'm curious what was your inspiration in writing this piece. I assume you grew up with strong women mentoring you. I hope so.

Please continue writing! You have a gift!

Anita Shrestha
Oct 17
Oct 17

Thank u for sharing

Oct 17
Oct 17

Dear Foka
Thanks for writing and sharing such a beautiful poem on WP.
This is a remarkable effort that impacts strength on the rural woman!

Jacqueline Namutaawe

Hi Foka amen to celebrating the unsung heroes of society,the rural women, indeed they are a strong tool for peace and endurance. Above all crowned with resilience and hardwork.

Beth Lacey
Oct 18
Oct 18

Lovely to read

Emmanuella Nwanua
Oct 29
Oct 29

It was worth the read.
Thanks for sharing

Dr Jackie
Nov 02
Nov 02

Dear Foka,
I was raised by a rural woman and I am glad that was the case. She raised me in resilience and the fact that I grew up in a rural community never stopped me from dreaming. I moved from a rural community to the top medical school in my country. One month ago, I attended a two-weeks leadership course at the Johns Hopkins Blomberg School of Public Health. And guess what? While everybody expected I will remain in the US, I packed my bags and returned home because I know I have a responsibility to play in the lives of the younger girls who are still struggling to grow out of the limitations surrounding them in rural Cameroon. I am still a rural girl and that will not change even if I visit the White House every week!!!!!!!! Yassssss I am a rural woman.