The voice from within.

Foka Sherifatu
Posted September 22, 2020 from Cameroon
The voice from within.
The voice from within.: The voice is a strong tool for has to be heard,and celebrated... The voice from within. (1/1)

The voice from within.

The pain built in silence consumed the strength of a voice worth saving lives.

The gain in the voice raised consumed the silent fire burning dreams and lives.

The silent voice is loud and heavy. Bringing untold sufferings, distress, suicide,pain,hatred and anger. But with it loudness can't be heard..

Oh oh oh cried the buried voice, when thou will strength come,

When I am dead? wondered the voice.. but how do I reach out?

In my silence there is no gain but pain

In my silence lies the major....

Tears run down the chick. No one to check, I tumble in my own breath. Drowning in my own tears.

No one seem to look.  Buried beyond the odds I fought for a generation. Raising a voice for the voiceless.

Awakened by the voice from within.

Enshrined to shine Whispers of sunlight A heartbeat of a thousand voices.

I stand to fall no more. Hear me out, a woman deserves to be heard.

I stand strong, a generation to prosper. The wind of change blows across nation's For I stand for the voiceless.

A voice from within......

Stronger and braver. 

Rising for the nations

An instrument for development

A tool for change

A savoir for a generation.


I raise my voice for it has to be heard.


It's the wispers from within. A voice from within


This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Foka Sherifatu
Sep 22
Sep 22

It's one amazing thing that came to my mind amidst s 30 minutes interval..
I wanted to do something but was reluctant.

I read my poem over and over again and it gave me hope.

I see a change,, someone will read this and grow..

Stand for the voice wispers from within.

It is the strength to your voice and a change of a lifetime....

The voice from within.

Sep 22
Sep 22

My dear Foka,
I hope you are doing great this fine morning. It is a delight to see you engaging here on the pulse.
Thank you so much for using your pen to remind us about the voice from within and how we can best harness this strength to build up positive vibes for women.
Yes, our voices need no more.
Keep up writing. Your pen got power
With love.

Nini Mappo
Sep 22
Sep 22

Hello Foka,
Thank you for sharing your poem. I agree that the voice within can steady us when we are feeling out of kilter. How kind of you to share your strength with us.
Sending love and sparkles :)

Hello, Foka,

Wow! Such a powerful poem! Welcome back to World Pulse, dear.
I could relate with this, "When I am dead? wondered the voice.. but how do I reach out?
In my silence there is no gain but pain"

There is truly no gain in our silence. We need to speak up.
"A voice from within......
Stronger and braver.
Rising for the nations"
Yes! Let us raise our voices as one! We are stronger together.