Fall back of sociopolitical crisis

Carine Fola fomduwir
Posted February 9, 2021 from Cameroon

As a community volunteer working part time with an organization I come across lots of girls who are young mothers and most of them single.I come to realise how terrible the crisis has affected us .my heart bleeds seeing how they are helpless struggling with their babies.all I can give is encouragement and a little advice and linking a few to other services for assistance. I realised how uninformed they were about available services.This caused me to start a safe space for these girls where I can give psychosocial support and encouragement in my own little way.

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Feb 10
Feb 10

Hi Carine,

Your small ways that you thought is not a small ways. When you give your heart to help that is the biggest thing you can do. Thank you for sharing. We need a person like you, and how you support and encourage makes a better place for these young mothers to be hopeful.

Laetitia Shindano
Feb 11
Feb 11

Chère Carine,
Le fait d'être auprès des personnes qui ont besoin d'aide ,est déjà un réconfort moral. Merci du travail que vous menez en leur faveur.

Carine Fola fomduwir

Thanks sister .I appreciate

Feb 12
Feb 12

My dear Carine,
I appreciate your modesty, but know that the "little way," is a very big way for how many people in your community are doing or have done what you are doing?

The young women, probably adolescents, are very lucky to have you because in most cases, nobody says a kind word to them, and the psychosocial support and encouragement that you are providing to them is commendable because (a) it makes them feel valued as human beings, and (b) it empowers them to know there is tomorrow after unwanted or unintended pregnancies ( I am assuming this is the case).

I applaud you for what you are doing, may you continue to touch many more vulnerable women and to give them love and hope. More power to you.

Carine Fola fomduwir

Thanks so much .I feel inspired dear sister. I always feel so disappointed with my self when I know its financial assistance some need and I can't help.there is one stranded in the hospital an IDP with accumulated bills ,I feel so challenged not knowing how to help.may God show me a way sister .thanks again

Hello, Carine,

Kudos to you for creating solutions for single mothers! Thank you for going out of your way to help them. May you carry out the vision God place in your heart. Please continue to update us.