I celebrate women

Carine Fola fomduwir
Posted March 7, 2021 from Cameroon

I am a proud girl!

I'm a proud mother !

I am a proud woman!

I don't need to be strong,I just need to get it right and do it right!

I don't need to be too loud I just need to be heard!

I don't want to be judged,I just need love!!

I don't need to be given food,I just need to be empowered!!

I celebrate every woman on planet earth!!!!

This story was submitted in response to #HerStoryMakesHistory.

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Nini Mappo
Mar 08
Mar 08

Hello Carine,
I love that each line of your poem ends in an exclamation mark! That is the spirit of celebration :)

Carine Fola fomduwir

Thanks sister.

Erena Bayessa
Mar 08
Mar 08

Happy Women's Day!
I celebrate too
Thank you so much !

Mar 08
Mar 08

Yea Yea. l celebrate you and all the women out there. keep pushing, keep striving hard. the sky is our starting point.
Happy International Women's Day

Mar 08
Mar 08

I am proud of you Carine!

Carine Fola fomduwir

Thank you sister.I feel honoured