Food Security; my quota.

Folasade AdemilolaCGA
Posted October 15, 2021 from Nigeria

As a woman in Agriculture, it is my utmost joy to see women thrive in the various niches they've caved out for themselves.

To see us explore technology to come, hence contributing our part in bringing food security into REALITY.

From the practical experiences of farming I have had, I would say it is a tedious work to farm, to bring good food to the table but our WHY keeps driving us till we reach our destination safely.

Happy International day of the Rural Women.

We're Valued!

Warm Regards,

Folasade Ademilola(Folawrites).

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Tamarack Verrall
Oct 16
Oct 16

Dear Folasade,
As a woman who farmed for 20 years I am always glad to meet women farmers here on World Pulse. So many women farmers exist and are not recognized. I so agree, the work can be tedious and hard, but it gives back, and is such a basic, essential work for humanity. Congratulations and thank you for raising this Day of Celebration of Rural Women here!

Folasade AdemilolaCGA

It's my utmost pleasure to connect with you.
I definitely agree with you, it gives back.

Oct 16
Oct 16

Hi sister
Congratulations on the Day of the Rural women. There is just something about farming! I lived on a farm for five years and it was a lot! Yes, it's not easy, but every effort is worth it. There are truck loads of life lessons for our children. Thank you for celebrating female farmers.

Folasade AdemilolaCGA

So glad to meet you here.
I am most pleased to celebrate us, cheers.