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Posted May 7, 2015 from Canada
Mental Health Campaign
Mental Health Education is important too!

Hello, everyone!

Fight for Our Rights (FOR) has started a new petition on petitioning the Ontario Ministry of Education to include more coverage regarding mental health and mental illness. is an amazing site that allows people to make change by gathering signatures and sending them directly to a leader/ representative.

Although it says that the goal is 100 signatures it should really say 10,000, but at the moment there is no way for me to edit this.

You can sign up to using an email or facebook, and create your own petitions! :)

Attatched is a link to my petition site and it would be wonderful if you could sign it!

Hope everyone has had a good start to May, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Have a good day.

- SO'C (Fight for Our Rights co- founder)

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