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About Me

Franca Sulem Yong is a proud daughter of Cameroon. A peace activist,youth advocate,community development volunteer,journalist,writer and researcher, she is the Executive President of,Positive Youth's Africa(PYA),a social enterprise which aims to inspire youths to create positive change.PYA was founded by a group of highly motivated African youths who believe in their power as masters and not victims of circumstances.

PYA is creating a world where every youth dares to dream big.We hope to provide an antidote to the ABC syndrome(the Accusing,Blaming and Complaining syndrome) that has eaten deep into the African society.

Founded in Cameroon and now spreading to Nigeria and other African countries,PYA enjoins every youth to not blame but take responsibility for the development of humanity.

PYA runs a magazine and a foundation through which it promotes it's values such as positivity, peace,health and development.

My Vision

I yearn for a world in which every youth is purpose- driven and strives positively for the development of humanity.


-More likes on our facebook page,more tweets and support on other social media.
-Financial and material donations.


Strategic communication,editing,news reporting,fiction writing,research and counseling.


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