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About Me

I come here today with a smile. To greet myself humbley to my sisters of all the Nations, I am just one more voice honored to be in such a time as this.
I call myself free, because I have been called by God to speak truth from deep within me, maybe to scream out the unveiled traps I used to become intangled with, the thoughts, the dreams, the life that kept me from enjoying total freedom, Had I not known the word freedom Maybe I wouldnt be on such a journey so interesting and adventurous as this, I would not want or care to be here now. Why use freedom in this beginiing? journal? It has real meaning to me. One most importantly means my name. I looked it up in the baby name meaning book..Someone knew me before I was born. Or knew why my mother would call me such a name...All things are coming together for me. Freedom is something everyone wants, deserves and enjoys. I want to be enjoyable, I love Perfect Love! I love all others, I am so compelled in helping others, I want to stretch my hand, make it hurt in writing, work in fields of labor for those who needs are greater than mine. Yes, I am a saint, I am a missionary, I am woman, I am a mother, friend, was a wife, now a Nanny. I love children, I love the family. I love bringing people together in the sake of harmony and peace.
I have many stories of love, stories of brokeness and stories of Death. Many women need to here my stories.I need to hear your story, I know they are about freedom. If I can help tell stories that share the common factor of Love and hope here and far, I will. I am excitited in getting started. I love to hear stories from other cultures. My culture is not any better, I would not compair. That would be like the death of a dream. Ok, so I want to celebrate our uniqueness, that my sister is why Im here, to share our differences. I am so happy to find a place in my heart where I can share and my sisters can really appreciate our differences I already feel safe being here Now.... I love children, women in Crisis, and to help the orphans and widows in thier distress Are to go across boarders without hassling officials, and to be going to a country in desperate need without question of why am I here... Im a great facilitor, Governess, Nanny, Mother, Friend, Mother, cook, Gardener, Domestication proffessional

My Vision

To repair the breach, To take back the land in which was taken, in the spiritual sense that is. I want to see women gathering together in harmony helping one another form groups that would empower them.