How My IWD 2018 TURNED out.

francisca okwulehie
Posted March 9, 2018 from Nigeria
SAF-IWD 2018
SAF-IWD 2018 (1/6)

Hello World Pulse !

As I had planned with my team, we collected quotes from women especially young ladies on how they see themselves and will challenge gender stereotypes. So yesterday morning, 8th March 2018, we flooded our Instagram and Facebook handles with the powerful quotes of these ladies. I was excited as many of them penned short notes underneath their posts on how much confidence they have discovered and how very ready they are willing to press for progress in their different fields of endeavor.

An unfortunate incident was when the school we planned to visit to host the health seminar cancelled on us a day before. We refused to allow the disappointment of the news dampen our Women's day joy. In good spirit we have postponed the teenage health seminar towards the end of term, when many schools would be through with their examinations. We believe by then speaking to our growing females would be more relaxed and impacting for them.

I also attended a Women's day event at the University where i am currently pursuing my Masters in philosophy. It was organized by the English department and i took home salient points to note on how we can press for progress.

1. Treat girls and boys as equals.

2. Husbands and wives should take turns in caring for the children. Thereby calling for role reversals sometimes in the home.

3. Women should start more support groups for women.

4. Women should encourage other women to participate in politics and leadership.

5. Cultural practices that put women at risk should be re-accessed and it can only happen when women question some of these systems.

6. Women in the media should put out a better representation of their fellow women.

7. Women should patronize and encourage women entrepreneurs.

8. We as women should quit body shaming and stigmatizing the other, on issues bordering; health, physique and other life choices.

In totality,we can only press for progress when we support the other and are sensitive to the plight of a fellow woman.

However, I share with you some of the quotes we received, believing it would spur every feminine person who reads it.

They are words on marble.

One Love World Pulse.


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Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
Mar 09, 2018
Mar 09, 2018

Congratulations, Francisca, for the successful IWD celebration in your country. It is a great idea that you flood quotes from women on social media!

I love all the Press for Progress ideas you came up with in your university department.

You all maximize IWD celebration efficiently. I honor you and your team, sister!

Thank you for sharing!

francisca okwulehie
Mar 09, 2018
Mar 09, 2018

Thank you so much Karen for the kind words. I am glad we pressed and are still pressing for progress.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Mar 09, 2018
Mar 09, 2018

Hi my sister
Well done. Thank you for sharing the quotes from the women in your community. Looking forward to hearing more of your stories.
Forever in sisterhood

Tamarack Verrall
Mar 10, 2018
Mar 10, 2018

Hi Francisca,

What fabulous news. I love that you encouraged quotes from all the young ones, and the 8 points are powerful. Congrats on being able to go with the flow, the room cancellation at the last moment. Best wishes for a great event when it is rescheduled.

In sisterhood,

Vivian Emesowum
Mar 12, 2018
Mar 12, 2018

Nice initiative, well done

Tumanjong Miranda
Mar 12, 2018
Mar 12, 2018

Good job Fransisca!

Feb 19
Feb 19

Congratulations on the success of your IWD celebration in 2018. Hope it would be grander this year!