Do everything with one heart and you will be rewarded.

Freddy Njang
Posted June 8, 2018 from Cameroon
Thinking about my past.
A happy moment.
A happy moment. (1/1)

When I was much younger I was already engaged in business. My mother was a business women, she made puff- puff or what we normally called in our community ‘gatou’ .Whenever she asked me to go and market it I was always reluctant to go because I was afraid that people might not buy so each time I went out I went while crying .But while marketing, people bought it and I was happy every time when going home.

As time passed I enjoyed marketing my mother’s puff- puff .I discovered that it was thought this that we had money to feed ourselves and bought our needs .I started sitting beside her to learn how to fry it so that I could one day fry too. At this stage I understood everything my mother did and I decided to help her in every way I whenever I was going to school ,I will ask my mother to fry and give me to sell in school during lunch time in school and I enjoyed marketing it

In the year 2014 in December and it was Christmas day, my mother fried a bag of flour in a day and I sold it all .OMG I will never forget that day .On that faithful day, I got up very early and was ready fo business, I had gone to church the previous day which was the eve of Christmas. So that my mother fried gatou as usual for 11650 fcfa .it was 50 fcfa each. Before leaving the house that day my younger brother wished me good luck .I left the house to sell in front of the church to Christians on their way out of the church after the first mass that morning.

I almost sold it all but I called her to fry another quantity before the one I was selling got finished .after a while everything finished so I went home to get another one but my mother did not finish frying so she asked me to rest for a while. I was dressed in a t-shirt and trousers ready to market.

The second production of gatou was of 16900.i went out very excited and smiley,I left home to sell and before I could reach the road site I had sold 20000fcfa my income was increasing in a high pace and before it was 3 pm that day ,I called my mother to fry the third round but in a small quantity since it was in the evening. My mother quickly started the production the puff puff and she made it for 6200fcfa.i was already tied and wanted to go out with my friends.

At 6pm, children were going back home while the older ones were going out to make merry with friends so they bought my puff puff they enjoyed it so much because of the pepper that accompanied it .by 8;30pm my mother came and met me at the road side and asked me to go home prepare and go out with my friends and make merry but the gatou was still remaining and I knew that if I left my mother to continue selling she would not  finish it so I refused to go ,I decided to sit there and help her

Everybody will like to sell but the techniques differs and that was what I understood that was almost 10pm when I notice that my gatou was almost finished so my mother gave me 5000 fcfa to buy some food and drinks for myself I took the money and continued selling, I told her I was saving it for my personal use .i was beside her ,moving up and down ,calling passerby to come and buy my gatou, and equally serving customers who came to the routine continue through the evening ,the gatou got finished at 12 midnight. I was very tied and exhausted but happy I achieve my goal for that day. We got home late and I slept. I following morning we made an account of what we sold and the total income was 34750fcfa not including the sales my mother made at home when I was not at home that day.

My mother and I were very happy and she asked me to tell her the food I wanted to eat that day so she could prepare it for me .i told her to prepare my favorite meal which was one of our traditional meal fufu-corn accompanied with njamanjama {huckleberry} and kati kati .

This is my story, there is joy in everything we do. Do it with your whole heart and with love ,have passion in everything you do and only then will you enjoy what you do .This was what I learned that day and I will never forget it .As I am growing up that is my motor and I know it will guide me to better things and better opportunities.

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Juvita Akumah
Jun 08, 2018
Jun 08, 2018

My dear sister, your hard work has paid you off. Now you are a stronger person. Please keep up.

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Jun 08, 2018
Jun 08, 2018

Hello, Freddy Njang,

Your mother trained you well at a young age to become a good entrepreneur. I love how you discover the joy in marketing.

Possessing marketing skills will bring you to places. You have a bright future!

Thank you for sharing your story.

Welcome to World Pulse!

Tarke Edith
Jun 08, 2018
Jun 08, 2018

Indeed sister practice made perfect l wish you the best in your careia

Jill Langhus
Jun 09, 2018
Jun 09, 2018

Hi Freddy. Welcome to World Pulse:-) Thanks for sharing your great marketing story and tribute to your mom's marketing training. I'm looking forward to hearing more about what you're passionate about and what your ultimate goals and mission are. It sounds like you have a bright future ahead of you!

Bettina Amendi
Jan 13, 2019
Jan 13, 2019

Good Girl Freddy,keeping your mother company that very night is the cream of the cake.Security begins with you and and i.Your sales techniques seems good,you owe me a lesson here in 2019.
Good day,

leila Kigha
Apr 29, 2019
Apr 29, 2019

This is amazing!
You are a wonderful daughter.
When you are faithful in little things, you will be given bigger things to steward.
Keep on keeping my dear.

Apr 29, 2019
Apr 29, 2019

Dear Freddy,
What a powerful motto you have there to take you through life.
I can see how much help you were to your mum and how her appreciativeness fuelled you on.
Valuable lessons too and congrats for meeting your goal that day. It sure set thr precedence to archieve more goals.

Tamarack Verrall
May 08, 2019
May 08, 2019

Dear Freddy,
What a beautiful story, and so deeply touching. You have a powerful spirit of determination and such a big heart. Your mother must be bursting with pride at the commitment and caring by you, her daughter. The advice you give us all "there is joy in everything we do. Do it with your whole heart and with love ,have passion in everything you do.." is such a gift. I'm so glad to meet you here in our World Pulse community.