Fudeh Laura
Posted June 14, 2018 from Cameroon

She is a GIRL

She is just a CHILD

She is just a MINOR

Yet forced to fend for the family.


With tear running down my eyes I watched this beautiful young girl tell her story while she cried

Oh my God the pain she felt, the trauma she was put through 

The Anger ragging in me each time I think about it is unbearable 

Her story as she told us

"Aunty I left my village in september 2016. When a certain woman from our village came with her husband to take me with permission from my mum. The woman's husband is from Babanki, he promised my mum he was going to send me to school while I work for them as babysitter for their kids, he also added they will be sending 10 thousand franc to my mum every month. Before I left the village, my mum gave me a small phone to be able to get to her anytime I wanted. When we got to Yaounde the man and wife started maltreating me, took my phone, they even beat me up seriously like a criminal. Few months after I started working for them the man started calling me and touching my body but he threatened me not to tell any one or he will kill me with beatings. One day his wife was out and their children were playing in the palour, the man called me in the room to come and arrange the bed. When I got to their room, he pushed me to the bed and started touching my breast and vagina, I started crying and begging him to leave me but he said if I make any noise he will kill me. As I was crying, he removed my dress and put his thing in my vagina. Aunty it was so painful and I was bleeding when he finished. Aunty he was always doing this until one day the I was feeling too much pain below my stomach and his wife asked me what was wrong, I was afraid to tell but when she started beating me even as I was in pain I had to tell her. When I told her she said I was lying and kept beating me. When her husband came back he said I was lying and also got me well beaten, after the beaten they sent me out of the house in the night and told me to go away. Not knowing where to go I was just moving in the street until a woman met me and took me to the orphanage."

She is just 15 yrs old 

Why send a minor to work? Why maltreat a child because he/she is not yours? And the WHYS are endless.

I still remember how difficult it was for us to get her to tell us the story, because she was traumatized and couldn't stop crying. Because am a girl I feel her pain, because am a mother I wept thinking of what she has been through. Why not send her to learn a trade? 



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Jun 14, 2018
Jun 14, 2018

I join you to say No to child labor. Thanks so much for sharing the story with us, I really wish that this young girl will find peace. Do you ever get to hear from her after being rescued by the orphanage?

Tarke Edith
Jun 15, 2018
Jun 15, 2018

Yes sisters Lthank l also join my voice with yours to say no to child abuses let work hard to rescue our sister from child abuses in our Country thanks

Jill Langhus
Jun 15, 2018
Jun 15, 2018

Hi Fudeh. This poor girl:( I'm so glad you are there for her, for her to speak to, and to start to heal her wounds. She's such a cutie. Did she go back to her parents? How is she doing now? Thanks for sharing her story, and helping to end child labor and abuse.

Sis. Salifu
Dec 07, 2018
Dec 07, 2018

Hmmm child labour is a serious issue. Its time all parents and guardians open their eyes towards this "sickness".

Thanks for the reminder.

Feb 06
Feb 06

Hi Fudeh,

May the little girl find healing and closure as she picks the courage to share her story. May she use her past suffering to inspire her future. May she remain strong. Thanks for telling her story.


Hello, Fudeh,

That's a heartbreaking. I join you in your call to end every form of violation of children's rights and even human rights as a wholw. Thank you for sharing.

Beth Lacey
Feb 16
Feb 16

We stand together on this serious issue

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Laura,
Thank you for sharing. I join you in saying "no to child labour". Children should be left to be children. Children should be fended for and not asked to fend for their families. We should all raise up against child labour. Thank you for raising this young girls voice.
Stay blessed

Mar 11
Mar 11

I join you to say no to child labor. It feels horrible when children are forced to do what is not of them to do

Dawn Arteaga
Mar 11
Mar 11

It is so important that the world listen to these stories more. Thank you for sharing and thank you for defending the most vulnerable!