where is your voice?

Posted February 22, 2014 from United States
  • It was not her birthday, neither was it her sister's, yet the gift was beautifully displayed on the table, waiting to be revealed. She looked around, for clues as to what she did right to deserve it. She looked at her stepmother and asked in fear.

"Auntie I’m so sorry if I have done anything wrong ma. I do not deserve any gift” As she was about to make her way back to her chores, she was roughly dragged by her stepmother who thought it wrong to refuse gifts.

“Idiot". The gift is from a friend of the house and it is for you. He stays down the street. He is a very good man. I think you should go and say thank you to him. Go to your room and open the gift, then come back and let us see what it is”. She came back a while later seething in anger to show her auntie what the gift contained. "Sorry auntie I can’t collect this from a man I don't know”. She showed her step-mother the two pairs of ladies’ brief hanging on her fingers.

"Who are you to tell me what you want or not , you better put it on now with a nice dress , then go and say thank you to the young man, who obviously didn't know you are a no-good girl. And please when you get there, don't bother coming home tonight because you may likely help the young man do one or few house chores". She looked at her stepmother incredulously and said “But auntie I have never slept outside of my home since I was born and papa will soon come home. What would I tell him?”

“Don’t worry about your papa, I will handle him. I will give you ten minutes to leave this room and go and do what I ask you to do”. She walked away in fright knowing what her stepmother could do if she disobey. On her way outside she met her younger sister who asked what she was up to, she sighed and while she narrated the story, Elizabeth her stepmother’s only child for her father grew furious and asked her not to go anywhere. They both plan with to wait for their father. Papa was later than usual and when he struggled to come down from the taxi after a long day at the local garage, where he works it was obvious he was looking forward to his bed.

Elizabeth decided to be my mouthpiece and divulged all her mother’s evil to papa in 3 minutes. I watched in trepidation as papa usual solemn face folded up in annoyance. In a split of seconds, stepmother was hauled out of her room outside to the street, shouting her ignorance of any issue that has gotten papa thick and furious like this. Papa entered in annoyance again and hauled some of her belongings on her head.

“I don’t want to see you in this house again, your own daughter knows you are heartless and that is why she stood by her step-sister. If every woman can stand up for other women like her, the world will be better.

Even in the words of a half-literate man, he realized the importance of women in the society, more so women that stand up for each other. Elizabeth could have sold her half sister by not asking her why her face was troubled, but she asked and saved her with her voice. It could be your voice. It could be your action, but the lack of it could drive a sister deep down into the dungeon of life. What do you know that others don’t know but they will benefit from? To see other women winning; your voice matters; it may be your knowledge, but they will understand it better through your words and your voice.

Where is your voice? Every time you hit only the “like” button over an issue that requires your voice; your comments; your participation, does that mean you are losing your voice?


Your voice matters. Share with women your stories, your experience and your expertise. It can save a life, a business, a career, a relationship and revive a passion!

Remember... Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)

  • (This is a social conciousness story related to inspire people by Pink ambition an Edu-motivational and development programme for every female. We desire to inspire, encourage, empower and equip women with skills to create a better life and world. Our Purpose, Inspiration, Newness and Knowledge (PINK) is drawn from the belief that we must grow and to grow we must learn, and equip each other and share experiences that will affect our lives, family, and nation and also unleash the potentials that lie within all of us.


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Mar 01, 2014
Mar 01, 2014

Well written sis... Well done