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Posted August 9, 2014 from Nigeria

As a young social entrepreneur, I realise that to create a good business model and marketing for my services, I cannot do without the web. One of my major tools was to create a good website and an interactive facebook page for my business. I also use a twitter page but I need to invest more time to it or better still delegate it because I know I have a good target audience there. I have created some YouTube videos that provide information on what I do and how I it. Over 200 people have joined our network via the power of the web and many more people have been calling to inquiry about our services. There are thousands of people, quietly sitting at their computers, for a couple or a few hours each day searching for information, why should mine not be there. I believe I and others can use the information available on the internet to achieve great success. The internet has provided me with trainings which cover personal development, team building, leadership, and how to build online customers. I must say here that my first set of staff was sourced from the internet. They worked well and helped in building my first phase in business. The internet provides quality education and inspiration for me. It empowers me with information on any topic. All I do is ‘Google it’. Over time the web has helped me to look at myself and my business in a totally different way because I always see the international standards of our library. It gives me the ideal picture of what I want I my library to be. In fact, most the designs in my library space and truck were sourced from the web. The idea is to fill my head with the thoughts and ideas of highly successful people and businesses until I become one of them. The web provides inspiration for me and it is a catalyst for my business. Aside online training, I stay focused and don’t get distracted by the web, yet I maximize all available resources in it to achieve my goals. The internet does not only empower me, it also empowers my staff and the business. Once I get into the web, I ensure its the right place, at the right time, and with the right people. Once I stay focused and keep things simple, I see tremendous results.

WWW: Women Weave the Web

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Pushpa Achanta
Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014

Dear friend,

Thanks for this insightful piece.

Love, Pushpa