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About Me

Hi.. I am
a Futurist, Sustainability Engineer, Social Entrepreneur and Performance Storyteller

As Ideation Leader of The Futures Forum a think do tank specializing in Strategic Foresight and Sustainability Engineering, my vision is to bring the power of strategic foresight to communities around the world.
Through the SHARE THE FUTURE initiative, I also look to identify and curate visions of the year 2030 in order to identify and share a metanarrative that represents our collective will.

Before establishing The Future Forum/Sagient Futures, I was a Senior Development Equity Specialist at the InterAmerican Development Bank where I spent over thirty years gathering experience in program design and management across a variety of sectors including: public sector modernization, private sector and community development. My work included identifying progams and , portfolio development and technical feasibility studies of grants and loans totaling over $50M including: Airport Privatization; Renewable Energy Multi-Sector Integrated Community Economic Development; Appropriate Technology for Rural Infrastructure; and Stock Exchange Development.

My most important contribution was pioneering the topic of development with equity at the IDB, helping to build the Bank’s portfolio in Black economic empowerment including for example: supplier diversity program, supplier chain development for rural agribusiness cooperative; and the Diversity and Inclusion Investment Fund.

I also was a thought leader in promoting Strategic Foresight for Development; and a changemaker as Vice President of the Staff Association contributing to the dialogue on whistle blower protection . As a result of her leadership, she was honored with the IDB’s Ortiz Mena Award.

In my extra-curricular life, I am the Founder and President of the Institute of Caribbean Studies, the leading Caribbean American think-do tank. I am the architect of the recognition of the June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month, as well as the Architect for the Caribbean American Heritage Awards; Caribbean American Legislative Week; and Salute to Hollywood and Excellence. In this capacity I serve as a catalyst to empower others in the Caribbean diaspora community to take on leadership.

Currently, I am a Member of the AAAS Fellowship Review Committee; a Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the World Future Review; and a Board member of the Sustainability Division of Institute of Industrial Engineers.

If I was not an engineer, I would be a storyteller, My bliss is playing the fool which I do from time to time at Caribbean diaspora events. I have had the occasion to appear on WEAA FM Radio and National Public Radio. My full length comedy play ’Resident Alien’ was a commercial success in Jamaica and Barbados; and was aired on Montgomery Cable TV. My other plays include: ‘Rivers of Blood’: A Sanctus for Women in Labor, which won a Best Director Award in the Source Theater new play festival; and, ‘The Downing Street Affair’ which won a Silver Medal in the Jamaica National Literary Festival; and ‘Job’s Tale: Voiceprint of our Ancestors’ which aired as a Radio Drama on WPFW 89-3 FM radio. My one-woman chatauqua ‘Webster Street’ was aired on WHUT TV 32 as part of a series on New Immigrants in Washington DC; and I dream of completing and performing a one-woman show ‘Limbo Like This’ which tells the tale of Caribbean Life in America.

I have produced and written a mini-documentary on the Caribbean community in Washington DC; and executive produced a PSA for the UN World Conference Against Racism. In my younger days when I had more time, and was Artistic Director of Mudra Caribe Dancers, I served as a Technical Consultant on the Whoopi Goldberg film, ‘Clara’s Heart’ and as an extra/dancer on TV series ‘A Man Called Hawk’. Between 1982 and 1993, I performed as dancer, folklorist, performance poet and storyteller at locations such as: Smithsonian Baird Auditorium, Kennedy Center Children’s Festival; World Bank; and various locales and festivals in the North Eastern US.

In the 2000s with less time, I have performed at events such as the Intersections Festival in Washington DC; and the UN World Conference Against Racism NGO Poetry Slam in Durban; and Caribbean Experience, WHUR 96.3 FM.

As a result of my passions, I have received various awards and honors such as commendation in the Congressional Record.

I hold a Bachelors and Masters in Industrial Engineering from the SUNY at Buffalo and Purdue University respectively, and a Doctorate in Engineering Management from the George Washington University, and is an inductee in Tau Beta Pi and Alpha Pi Mu Honor Societies.

I am proud to be the first Jamaican woman to earn a Doctorate in an Engineering discipline, and to have graduated in the Top Five of my undergraduate class, as the only woman of African descent back in the day.. that is 1979.

Most recently, I was thrilled to be honored as an Outstanding Alumni of Purdue University, School of Industrial Engineering, and to be named a White House Champion of Change for Connecting the Americas.

I am now in the age of wisdom.... over 50 and I am fired up to do much more in the years to come.... God willing..
I love life and I am grateful for the privilege of being called to service for change.

Share the Future Initiative; Creating a Global Narrative that can help us make the paradigm shift Fundraising and Partnership Development Strategic foresight, sustainability engineering, international development, performance writing

My Vision

A Sustainable Shared Future based on development with identity, empowerment, equality and equity