Why Americans ( Biden Adm) Hammered this Much Ethiopia? Why CNN/BBC Bribed Journalist brroadcasting fake News?

Posted November 19, 2021 from Ethiopia

The Ethiopian conflict is purely orchestrated by the Western mainly by US to destablize the horn of Africa just a follow up destruction intent of US like Afghanistan, Syria and Libya. This is the war against the freedom of Africans to ensure their interest through  neocolonialism. hence, people of jusice and Africans should stand together. The Biden Administration is using the western media to destablize Ethiopia and these medias BBC/CNN are exposed themselves an agent of fake news, that is why significantly the viewers of CNN is going down. 

where is your morality professionalism of Journalism? Shame on you! CNN/BBC 

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Rahmana Karuna
Nov 20
Nov 20

thank you Fzeru, your post prompted me to read ethiopian newspapers. this says it all if true
"Military occupation of Black Africa by Europeans is long gone. But the colonial/imperial mindset of discussing African countries and dictating their destinies without Africans at the table continues unabated"
it would be helpful if you could write about your life and your community.
blessings to you

Ana Lozano
Nov 20
Nov 20

Thank you so much for sharing about the Ethiopian conflict and your perspective as an Ethiopian watching how the narrative is being framed by the international media. As Rahmana suggested in her comment, it would be fantastic and really helpful if you share with us more about your life, your community, your country, and perhaps more context about what is happening in Ethiopia. It could be a great way to counter the Western narrative. Tell us the other side of the story, let this community and the world know what is happening and how it really is!
Looking forward to learning and hearing more from you.