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Posted September 8, 2020 from United Kingdom

Hello, My name is Gabrielle prefer to be called Gabi, 

Anyway I am 25 right now i have so many problems 

this is the list 

type 1.5 diabetes Depression Anxiety EUPD Attachment disorder Deaf Body Dysphoria Epileptic Seizures

high and low blood pressure 

eating disorder 

i'm on lots of meds but so far I'm struggling with my eating, 

anyway i am adopted 

i have 2 births 

10 miscarriages

2 stillborn, 

yet I'm still here

been abused and everything 

been homeless 

anyway im here to meet new people :)   I am still learning about my diabetes and the understanding of it.. its going to take a long time. but with the right meds and support I will get there..

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Nini Mappo
Sep 08
Sep 08

Hello Gabi,
Welcome to World Pulse. I am sorry to hear that your life has been filled with abuse, suffering and ill health. That is painful, and a lot for one heart and one body to deal with:/

I'm sorry to have to ask, were your miscarriages and still births due to the diabetes too? I have a cousin in law who's had similar pregnancy complications due to diabetes. She could only have one child, and the baby had to be born at 28 weeks, but thankfully she lived.

I like how you say "Yet I am still here." That is the message of hope in your story. reflecting your patience with yourself, your compassion towards yourself, your resilience, your hope to be fully healed so that you can be fully here, in life, with joy and purpose.
I pray that happens for you Gabi, and that you find good specialists to walk you through what you need in order to heal.

I am glad that you have found World Pulse. We'll be here to celebrate your journey of courage, of perseverance, of embracing truth and casting off lies, of forgiving those who abused you or neglected you, of forgiving yourself for any times you blamed yourself for what happened to you, of grieving your losses and letting them go, of healing in the body as well as the soul.

It might be a difficult journey full of doubts and fears and set backs, and if it gets that way, just remind yourself of that line; "I am still here". You can also reach out to your sisters here for support.

All the best Gabi. Sending love and hugs and sparkles :)

Sep 09
Sep 09

pregnancy loss wasnt due to diabetes its due the mental health side of things

Nini Mappo
Sep 10
Sep 10

So sorry to hear, Gabi:/

Sep 09
Sep 09

Dear Gabi
how are you? Yes your here in the right place ,with lovely sister who care, and comfort one another, free from stress the place where you laugh and learn how to couple with world challenge.
Gods Love is endless be strong

Sep 09
Sep 09

thankyou so much. i have been through so much yet I'm still here

Honorine Ngenwi
Sep 09
Sep 09

Hi Gabi how are you today? Yes you are still here why because you have faith in yourself, love yourself and believe in yourself no matter what. Thank God for holding those characteristics in your life. Now that you have met other people, this people are more than a sister because they care, love, and have concern for each and everyone. You are in the right place my dear sis. What ever encouragement that is give to you please do not neglect and also put everything in the hands of God almighty. Never mine sister it is well. May the precious blood of Jesus Christ cover you and heal you for any illness that you are suffering from in Jesus name Amen. I strongly believe that you will be healed in Jesus name Amen.
Love youuuuuu
Welcome sis

Shirin Dalaki
Sep 09
Sep 09

Hello Dear Gabi,

Welcome to World Pulse and congratulation on your first story. I am so proud of you and how strong you are. I hear what you are saying and bless your heart. I do want to understand diabetes too so I know the feeling. I am so sorry that you have been through a lot and I know that you have special strength, talent and skill to let you express your full potential. You say that you are struggling with your eating ...
I love to know more about you and what you mean by that because in here we care and we have created a bond of sisterhood to back each other up and support one another and I am so glad you found us. You are not alone and we applaud you for being you. Much love to you.


Hello, Gabi,

Welcome to World Pulse! So happy that a new voice from the United Kingdom is rising up!

As I read your list, I can surely see how resilient you are to survive all of those, dear. That's a tough life to live but are still here. We are happy you are here. I'm curious to know what happened to you, dear. I found it a healing experience when I wrote my stories here. I hope it will be the same with you.

Welcome HOME! This is a safe space for you.

Sep 10
Sep 10

Hi Gabi,
'Great that you found World Pulse. Welcome home and congratulations on your first post. Please, keep writing.

'So sorry about the traumatic experiences you've had to go through but. 'glad that you're staging a comeback already by finding this sisterhood. We are all imperfect here too and together, we can! It won't "take a long time", I assure you, Sis.

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Sep 19
Sep 19

Thank you for sharing.
Irrespective of all the problems. You are amazing and we love you so much .
Everything it's gonna be alright . Thank you .