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About Me

I graduated from college as an architect, but for me, the title extended beyond what it usually refers and relates in employment (construction, plan drawing, Autocad). I believe the career has given me a perspective that blended with my other academic interests, such as education, cultural heritage and historic preservation, to mold my actual personal view about the world. When I became exposed, specially to History and Cultural Heritage, it fueled me in a new way I sincerely didn't expect. It broadened my visual field. It opened me to new appreciations about what surrounded me, and started listening more carefully to what is happening now. What has dictated throughout the ages to become who we are as a contemporary guatemalan society.

Although the resonance for male protagonism in Guatemala has always been a common issue, things are changing. Women are becoming a strong and resourceful force to move our community in general. From politicians to the friendly neighbor lady, we have find solace by strengthening our feminine bond and by actively participating in different areas . For me, is imperative for women around all my country to hear and become aware of examples coming from others of their same genre, so they can dare to dream, to achieve and to leave a mark or trace in the positive change to improve our life in Guatemala.

I have been a listener, but I've always wanted to "speak up" using printed letters. This is, because my mother, who recently passed away, was a literature teacher who always challenged me to try new things and to dare to do something and to learn, by reading, writing and analyzing. So maybe I've always wanted to be heard, but until now, I'm taking a deep breath with my lungs, and it maybe will start as a quiet whisper, but I hope, It will transform into a clamor.

Our contemporary life also has the possibility to rely in new tools, such as the Internet. I think this powerful channel of communication, if it is well-organized, analyzed and conscientiously used, can become a magnificent ally to the objective of been connected globally. This has become a personal interest for me this past few years: the dynamic that Internet produces, primary in the cultural area, and how can it be used for us to increase our mindful thinking and learning. I'm eager to learn and to experience new ways of women empowerment! Let's get it started, then, let the digital journalism roll! Culture and Society, Photography, Culture and the Media (Internet), Creativity applied in various fields (planning, research, teaching, painting...) To become a voice and communicate by using all my experience acquired throughout my living years. Architecture, Cultural Heritage, Historic Preservation, Research, Teaching.

My Vision

People, specially women, connected using media such as Internet, but also sharing personal experience, knowledge and sisterhood values, so we can get to know more about ourselves as well.