Need to strengthen sex education for children in families to prevent early pregnancies in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Gabriella Sakina
Posted February 26, 2020 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Early pregnancy has catastrophic consequences not only for the mother, but also for the child and the development of their community and the whole country. These early pregnancies are very dangerous for both the mother and the child. Every day, several girls die from early pregnancies, yet causes linked to these deaths could be avoided. According to data from the organization Dynamique Femmes et Filles en Action (DFF in acronym), early pregnancies are the leading cause of death in girls aged 15 to 19, and the leading cause of infant mortality. These data reveal that these deaths are generally caused by the lack of health centers to follow these risky pregnancies, or of money to access them but too often by lack of information related to health and reproduction in young people under 18 years old. For this organization, education related to health and reproduction in young adolescents should have the first place in societies to avoid these big precocious. ”Our children should have access to clear sex education. Parents and educators must make an effort to talk to young people about their sexuality, the consequences of having sex before adulthood, and how to prevent it. (…) To avoid these early pregnancies and many other illnesses, ”informs this organization. DFF , reassures that early pregnancies keep girls in their lower status than men and do not allow them to get out of poverty, before adding that it is an unfair situation and a huge lost potential for the development of communities and countries.

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Hello, Gabriella,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy it is that another voice from DRC is rising up!

You have a strong voice. Thank you for speaking up about sex education and early pregnancy.
We stand with you!

Please continue writing! We’re looking forward to reading your stories.

Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

Metiege Noel Eve
Feb 27
Feb 27

Hello Gabriella thanks for sharing your views about early teenage pregnancy and SEX.

Anita Shrestha
Feb 27
Feb 27

Dear sis
Thank you for sharing. Keep it continue

Mar 27
Mar 27

my dear Gabriella you are truly right, this early pregnancies cut short so many girls destinies and future. we need to work hard on sex education and sexual reproductive health education for these young ones. i can only imagine what these actions causes to parents. thank you for sharing

Paulina Nayra
Apr 04
Apr 04

Dear Gabriella,
I join you in this call to educate girls and parents on the prevention of early pregnancy. I am interested to know how you are doing it because we share the same problem of high incidence of teenage pregnancy. Will look forward to your next story.