The NGO PIFEVA denounces the threats to its coordinator, Ms. Véronique Bulaya for her fight against the worst forms of violence and the socio-economic exploitation of women, young girls and children in mining areas in eastern DR Congo

Gabriella Sakina
Posted September 6, 2020 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ms. Véronique Bulaya is a human rights defender and coordinator of the organization PIFEVA ( ) which is a Congolese NGO promoting and defending the rights of vulnerable women and indigenous and local communities with a view to combating poverty. and injustice in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ms. Véronique Bulaya lives in insecurity and is currently facing death threats following her work as a human rights defender and particularly for her fight against the worst forms of violence and socio-economic exploitation of women, girls and children. in the Kamituga mining area in South Kivu in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

On Wednesday September 02, 2020, Mrs. Véronique Bulaya declares to have received two masked phone calls threatening her and promising her death in Kiswahili: "tutaona vile weye njo una decider ku tuharibishia ma kazi yetu na ku haribisha ma interets yetu kamituga" (we will see how it was you who decided to destroy our work and interfere with our interests  in Kamituga) by investigating and denouncing the tragedy experienced by women, young girls and children in the gold mines of Kamituga. On the same Wednesday, September 02, 2020, unidentified bandits tried to break down the door of my home located in a popular district of the city of Bukavu.

As a reminder, Ms. Véronique Bulaya has repeatedly denounced and published the results of research conducted and published in November 2019 by the NGO PIFEVA in the Kamituga mining area on the situation relating to violations of the rights of women and girls and children in this mining area where state agents and private mining operators do not respect the rights of these workers who are women, girls and children in violation of both national and international standards for the protection of workers' rights. The latter are exploited economically by their employers with complete impunity in the form of forced labor to which they are subjected, not to mention the rapes committed against women and young girls in this mining area of ​​Kamituga. PIFEVA has started (since July 2020) monitoring activities for the protection of cases of exploitation and advocacy against the exploitation of women, girls and children in artisanal gold mining works in Kamituga.

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Nini Mappo
Sep 06
Sep 06

Hello Gabriella,
This is sad, that for trying to protect women, the thugs who exploited them are now threatening Veronique's safety. She is a beacon of light for these women and girls, and I pray for her safety so that she can continue to fight for justice and be a voice for the women and girls hard pressed the tyranny of patriarchy in Kivu and the wider RDC.
Thank you for raising your voice in solidarity with Veronique and all the women she represents.

Jill Langhus
Sep 07
Sep 07

Hello Gabriella,

Welcome back! Thanks for letting us know about this unfortunate turn of events. You all have enough to deal with without this. I hope she and her family will remain safe. Thanks again.


Hello, Gabriella,

Welcome back to World Pulse! How are you doing? How is Veronique now? I hope she is safe. This world needs more women like her. Is she protected now? Please update us. We stand with you, dear. Please stay safe both of you.