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Posted May 2, 2017 from Botswana

Digital Action Campaign Narrative:

Keep her in School: Underage-incest cases of young girls

This campaign will be a first activity hosted by GWBO, under Keep Her In School (KHIS) Program . The main aim of this campaign is to bring awareness on incest particularly looking at the girl child. Recently I had an opportunity to talk to one of the area Social Workers from my home village, and we ended up talking about issues of incest in my village, I got the shock my life when she told me that there are many cases of incest in the village. I remember on my last visit home there was uproar about this father who raped her daughter and impregnated her, that daughter gave birth to a girl, and right now the old man is at it again, now molesting his “granddaughter/daughter”. One thing that stood out concerning this was when the area social worker said most of these cases are never prosecuted because the family refuses to speak. I know that what she was talking about is probably a national issue because of what we see on the news and social media

To this end this campaign’s aim is to sensitive the community on “incest”: what is incest, its effect on the society, their role, what the law says and encourage them to speak up.

Keep Her In School (KHIS) Program focuses on eradicating deterrents which could keep the girl child from finishing school. It is a holistic program which aims to ensure that the girl child have a conducive environment which support their learning through the ecological model(representing :individual, family(home),community and society) . Campaign against incest with underage girls is one of the many campaigns which will be done to ensure continuous learning of the girls child.

This campaign is expected to empower the community at large and give them an opportunity to eradicate one of the ills in the society and thus help create a conducive for girls to be in school and to reach their highest level of learning.

The key strategy of this campaign will be collaboration, open communication and engagement of the community in the discussion.

Several media resources will be used, video s of interviews will be shared on Youtube and facebook. Both radio and television will be used , twitter will also be used.#KHIS #talkaboutit #endincest #protectthegirlchild #GWBO #graduatewomenbotswana #keepherinschool

Campaign Plan:



Key issues to be discussed

Gaofenngwe Kabubi

-Introduce the campaign: use radio,tv,social media

-encourage individuals to participate in the discussion

-Graduate Women to join GWBO

1st Week:

Day 1

Social Worker-Department of Social Protection


-incest statistics

-challenges faced

-advice to the community

-what can be improved

Day 2

Area Social Worker


-statistics in the area

-challenges faced

-what can be done: encourages community to speak up and to stop this ill.

Day 3

Health Worker

-Teenage pregnancy relating to incest

-health issues relating to incest: HIV/AIDS,STD,

-assistance provided to victims/survivors

Day 4


-cases of incest in school

2nd Week

Day 1

Lawyer -

-What does the law say?

-what can be done when family is not cooperating

-what can be done

Day 2


-The effects of incest on a victim

-how can the victim be helped

-family restoration

Day 3

Radio presentation: in different radio stations

-Discussion on incest

-encourage community to engage in the discussions online

Day 4

Local television presentation

-sending the word out about the campaign

3rd Week

Day 1-3

Leaders: traditional leaders(Kgosi)

-Incest cases in the area

-their role

-what can be done


Online discussion and sharing of stories and experiences

-what is your experience

-what can be done

-what do you want to say to incest perpetrators?

-are you aware of any cases of incest in your community, how was it treated?


Survivor /victim

-share your story

-how what do you want to say to the person who defiled you

-what could have been done to protect you

-write a letter to incest perpetrator

1st week

-Apply for funding :documentary production on incest in Botswana

Desired outcome :

-Community to talk about incest

-Community to report cases of incest

-reduce incest cases

-Girl child be free to be kids and to be in school

Target audience: The society at large,

How to Get Involved

1.Be part of the discussion by sharing your experience and share the post with friends on social media,using the following #:#KHIS  #talkaboutit  #endincest  #hearmeinmysilence #protectthegirlchild #GWBO #graduatewomenbotswana #keepherinschool

2.Experts in the field to share their insights about incest

3.Financial support tor outreach.

4. Volunteers to team up foe outreaches 

5.follow us on facebook;Protect the girls child


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Sophia Atadana
May 02, 2017
May 02, 2017

wow my sister, this is really a very sensitive area but very important.May God great you the wisdom to deal with it. It is so imprtant

May 02, 2017
May 02, 2017

Thank you and I believe He will grant me the wisdom to shed the light.

Sophie Ngassa
May 02, 2017
May 02, 2017

I agree with with you, we have to keep our girls in school. You are doing a great job.

May 04, 2017
May 04, 2017

A good plan to curb incest! We need more people to end incest in our society! follow your passion.

May 22, 2017
May 22, 2017

Thank you Araba, for the encouragement.