Ban African Men Over 40 Nap/Sleep/Meeting @ AU

gashe tamiru
Posted February 3, 2018

More Info & FB Posts :

"Tell the TRUTH and YOU Be Set FREE"!!

The Truth!! They Have Their Minds They Are Making Mistakes Trusting, Knowledge & Wisdom No More Than GOD, Power No More Than Above Nature and Technology They Depend On that ONLY Can Destroy Anything Physical NOT Spiritual and ALL WE Have Is Our STILLNESS, SPIRITUAL TENACITY & FAITH In GOD, Nature & Time(NOW)!!

Re: Request to Ban African "Leaders" and Their Families and All Socially and Environmentally Irresponsible Africans from Ever Stepping on US Soil Making US as the New SCR & Environmentally Responsible, Peace & Green Living Leading Model Nation While We Ask The Good, Kind and Compassionate America Amnesty to Those Who Are Already on Shore!!

This Is An Ant Cry to the Elephants Head (Republican Party), a Spiritual Plea and Message to President Trump from WE Who No More Colors, Birth Places, Tongues, Religions, Flags, Status, Ethnicity, Race, Clan, Tribal Group Nor Nationality But HUMANITY-One Human Family, Diverse But ONE, The Green & "Peace Makers Are Called The Children Clan of GOD"

As GOD Has a Reason for Everything, GOD's Will, Let & Meant to Be Mr President,

We ALL Are the Byproduct of Fear, Greed and Human Collective Madness of the PAST & CURRENT in General In My Case African, American and Ethiopian In Particular as WAS As IS and GOD Forbids as WILL BE!! I Am Also the Child of Ethiopian and American Spirit of Love "Ra-One Love" Received Growing Up and Living Both In Ethiopia and America(Mid West Love) Now at HOME Away from Home!!

Observation & Realization; -When There Are Wars, Famine & Depopulation, When We Become More Richer(Materially) and Most Powerful and "When the Butterflies, Birds, Trees and Clean Rivers Are Gone We Cannot Eat Money" and No Power and No Greatness of Any Nation Bring Inner Peace & Happiness!!

-No One Kill Our Spirit ONLY Our Bodies!!

-When WE Kill WE Kill Ourselves!!

-When WE Over Come Fear, Fear Begins to FEAR Us (Even Death I Tasted and Enjoyed the Quietness for 3 DAYS-The Great Alexandria, VA Fire and Rescue Team Who Saved My Life)!!

-WE Are No More Afraid to Die But Afraid to Live and DIE Without Ever Living!!

-"When WE Give to the Poor They Call Us Saints and When WE Speak about the Poor They Call Us Communists" that Is No Matter What They Call Us Something or Label Us to Be Something. Anyway They Are ALL Ours as WE Are Them and They Are Us-"UBUNTU"!!

Your Excellency, Your Honor, Messenger of GOD Good Or Bad Meant to Be, Leader of Human Spirit of Greatness, Hope, Creativity, Tenacity, Fear & Greed at Its Very Best Mr President WE Respect Your Wishes and Wishing YOU Inner Peace, Happiness and Long Life Specially Listening to What YOU Had to Say Before the World at Large!!

This Is a Very Long, Open, Spiritual Fearless, Mindless(Mind of No Anger, No Fear, No Greed, No Expectation, No Mind Prison and No Conditioning), Colorless, Borderless, Religionless, Flagless, Faith in GOD, Goodness, Kindness, Humility, One Human Family, Nature and Spirituality-Utopian Inner Peace & Green Living(Clean Minds, Clean Dreams, Clean Air & Clean Water and Clean Ocean Wishes) Utopian New Beginning Daring Open Message to YOU Mr President!!

Sir, I (WE) See YOU as a GOD Send as I Been Saying to Save America by Extension Africa, the World and the Environment that You Are Too Blind to See Suffer Due to the Fact YOU Like Many TRUST Your Mind VS the Mind and Vision of GOD!! Above All Your Conclusion Killing, Terror for Terror and Big Fire Powers that Can Swipe Out Nation from the Face of the Earth as Solutions that Do Not Kill and Destroy Human Spirituality-The Spirit of Mankind!!

Mr President Ever Since You Came Public You Are the True Voice of White Men Over 40 for that Matter Most People of All Colors and Faith Who Hate, Discriminate, Kill and Terrorize by Their Hearts. The Only Difference YOU Speak Your Mind and Heart!!

Mr President You Spoke Your Heart Against the Disabled, Women, Blacks, Latinos, the Poor, the Marginalized, the Immigrants Part of The Pillars of America, the Sick, the Mentally, Socially and Economically Challenged as for YOU and All Those Like YOU in The Klansmen Party of Mr Julianni that MONEY & POWER IS EVERYTHING WHEN MONEY & POWER IS NOTHING, NO THING IF THEY BRING NO INNER PEACE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH OF A PERSON, FAMILY OR A PEACE & GREEN NATION OR "HAPPINESS INDEX" NATION Like Norwegians YOU Preferred!!

Mr President I (WE) See YOU as a GOD Send and a Messenger to Awaken Us to Make All of Us Look Not into Our Minds (WE MADE MISTAKES TRUSTING) But Our Hearts to See and Face Our Egos, Anger, Fear, Hatred, Racism, Sexism and Greed and above All Our Confusion about Our Lack of Understanding and the Purpose of Our Short Life Coming Naked to Going Back Naked and Empty of Our Lives!!

Mr President, WE Have Unlike You and All Others Do Not Have an American, EU, Russian, Iranian, Turks, Koreans, Christian, Muslim, Arab, Jewish, Palestinian, Gay, Lesbian....Agenda But a ONE HUMAN FAMILY HUMAN, INNER PEACE & GREEN LIVING AGENDA!!

WE Do Not Kill, Loot, Rape, Torture Nor Terrorize ANYONE for ANY REASON as Doing So Is KILLING GOD WITHIN Us!!

YOU and Many Conclude as How to Punish Those Who Harm Us and If WE Have Our Way WE Would Confine and Isolate Them, Give Them Love and Time to Reflect and Make Them Plant Trees and Make Them Grow Trees Depending Their Crimes Against Humanity and the Environment (Why They Are Let Live Off Society Without Paying Back for Their Crimes in the Most Meaningful Way-Plant Trees YOU Do Not Care Much About)!!

Mr President You Did the Greatest Job Telling the Human Spirit Stories to Advance Your Agenda at the Sate of the Union.

WE Are With YOU and Agree With YOU Specially on Banning Unwanted Specially Africans Like These African White, Arab, Turks, French and Chinese Dolls and Toys and Others Not Pictured Here WHO GOD GAVE THEM A CHANCE BUT FAILED & FAILING AFRICA BY EXTENSION AMERICA Who Are Directly Responsible for Massive Refugees Due to Corruption, Their Lack of Fixing Africa's Problem of Wars, Famine, Fear, Greed, Looting and Killings that is Refugee Problem to America and EU!!

Mr President WE Are Asking YOU and Your Administration to Ban These and All Other African Dictator Leaders Who Have Failed Africa and America and Their Family Members from Ever Entering the US Unless They Bring Good Governance and Implement Democracy NOT Their Ethnic & Tribal Way But the American Way!!

Also Using USAID and Other Ways and Diplomatically Put US Mussels and Pressures WE Ask YOU and Your Administration to Making Sure These African Napping/Sleeping House Negro Leaders to Wake Up, Get Up and Join Their Citizens to Clean Up Their "Shit Hole", Ghettos, Slums Cities and Nations as a Pay Back to Africa and America Who Have Been and Supporting Them ONLY Then They Get Our SPIRITUAL Pardon Sure Yours Political and Financial and YOU Get Our Blessings, Prayers and Our Votes (THAT IS NEEDED) WE Will Deliver for Many a "MAD" Talk and Mad Dream!!

Not Only That With Their Apology, Pay Back to Their Societies and Earth, They No More Need to Ran Away with the Money They Steal and Loot But Live in Dignity and Respect Walking Around With No Armored Guards as They Will Have No Enemies and In Fact Head Organizations Like AfricanAID in Their Nations Contributing for African Peace & Green Economy Growth that Warrant US Safety, Security, Peace & Green Growth.

Further More, Please Think About Asking All Specially African and "Shit Hole" Nations Visa Applicants if They Ever Plant Trees, Pick Up Their Festal and Plastic Bottle Trash They Pollute the Environment With, Ask Them If They Ever Volunter, Do Any Community Work, Ever Visited Any Homeless, Mentally and Economically Marginalized SOCIETIES THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE CREATING. In Other Words America Wants GOOOD & RESPONSIBLE Africans & Others to Come to America as New Engines of US Growth!! In Other World America, Africa and The Rest of this World Crying for Peace & Clean Air DO NOT ANYMORE DESERVE IRRESPONSIBLE Specially Sleep/Nap Meeting Like These Poor African Souls!!

Mr President If YOU Do This YOU Will Go in History as Someone as Close as Jesus Who Was Sent to Save Humanity & the Environment Specially Africa and America Who Need Each Other, Leaving a Legacy of People Living a Purpose Driven Life, Serving, Giving and Receiving Becoming FREE All the Way to Eternity!!

Mr President as a Man of Great Minds YOU Best Know that Many Inventions Were Ideas Like Electric Bulb, Flying, Aspirin, Cars, Computers, Google, FB and Twitter You Over Enjoy SO IS OUR PLEA!!

Sir Please Know WE Are Peace and Green Global Foot Soldiers Also as Social Justice & Peace and Green Advocate "Sleeper Cells" Invisible to Your Drones as WE ARE THE HUMAN SPIRITS OF GOODNESS & FAIRNESS Who Have No Institutional Structure No Single Leader but as All Leading, Our Record in the US as Grass Roots Shows WE Did Our Small Part in Supporting Fair Trade Issue for Millions Over 15 Million Ethiopian Coffee Farmers and Other Africans and Delivered a Black Man to the House, Our Brother Barack and WE Are Ready Again to Help YOU Re-Elected YOU As Our "White" Brother If YOU Do What We Ask You to Take Action Barring These African Sleeping & Napping "Leaders" Even If You Break Our Hearts on Your Anti Children, Anti Family, Anti Women, Anti Immigrants, Anti Disabled, Anti Blacks, Anti Latinos and Above All Anti Climate Change for Us ENVIRONMENT FIRST!!

Sir Please Also Know WE Are Not With YOU On Jerusalem as Jerusalem Belongs to All Faith!! Please Also Know WE Need Nothing or No Thing from America, Health Care, Food Stamps the Color of it WE Have No Idea, Aid or Otherwise But Still WE LOVE & RESPECT AMERICANS OF ALL COLORS, FAITH & FLAGS!!

Last But Not Least and Most Important WE Ask YOU to Execute What WE Requested and WE GIVE AMERICA OUR "WORDS OR OUR LIVES"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gashe Tamiru Degefa-SEW (HUMANITY AS MY IDENTITY) Breathing, Praising GOD, Respecting and Telling the TRUTH to Be "FREE AT LAST" as NOW!! Respectfully, In Stillness, Fearless, Loving, Caring, Serving, Volunteering, Supporting, Facilitating, Giving, Forgiving to Be FREE, Live FREE and Ready to Die EMPTY of Guilt, Needs & Desires, Doing My Part to Listen to Children and Empower Women, Planting Goodness, Kindness & Trees on Young Minds!!

Cc: -GOD -My Breathing, Praising GOD, Planting Goodness, Kindness & Trees Peace & Green Family -African Children -Women Worldwide ( -The Spirituals(The American Indians, The Abyssinians, The Messiahs, The Zulu, The Dgone, The Ghanians, The Rastas, The Taliban, The Palestinians, The Jewish, The Christians, The Muslims, The Buddhists, The Hindus.... -The Awakened, The Transcending, The Arriving and The Centering -The Great People of America I Own My Life to -The Great People of Africa Who Gave Me My Utopian Humanity & Spirituality Specially MY ETHIOPIAN MONK FAMILY!!! -All African Mission-US -GOP -DNC -American Indian Movement(AIM) -The Peace House(Tent) Lafayette Park -The House (White House) -Secret Service & US Intelligence Units -African Union -The US Mission @ AU -The Black Caucus -The Ethiopian Caucus -Amy Goodman(Democracy Now) -Washington Post, CNN, VOA, VOW TV(Voice of Women)... -Amnesty International -Mayors for Peace-Japan -Fair Trade Advocates OXFAM America & Once UK -Global Friendship Run, Brother Stan Cottrell PGIA Africa Initiative for Africa, Peace & Green Living Global Voice/Ambassador -PGIA Africa Initiative Thought Leaders/Members/Social Justice, Peace and Green Fellow Travelers, Partners and Friends (Fitsula Foundation, CCS-Childhood Cancer Society of Ethiopia-NEW, Ethiopian Scout Association, Lem (Greening) Ethiopia, Ethiopian Diabetes ("SWEETS") Volunteers, CareEpilepsy Volunters, Peace & Green Volunters).....!!!

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Nusrat Ara
Feb 03, 2018
Feb 03, 2018

Keep sharing your thoughts.

gashe tamiru
Feb 06, 2018
Feb 06, 2018
Tamarack Verrall
Feb 13, 2018
Feb 13, 2018

Hi Gashe,

What a powerful call out for peace and respect among people and for care of the earth. It is so true that those speaking about poverty and ecology are labelled as extreme. Your story here is a good reminder of how many groups there are who are working in different ways for the same goal.

Keep writing, and know you are not alone,


Ngala Nadege
Dec 14, 2018
Dec 14, 2018

Thanks for sharing waiting to learn more from you.

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