A Lockdown Friendship

soul on fire
Posted August 15, 2020 from India

Human connections. 

Often we underestimate the power a person can have on us regardless of whether they are known or unknown. I know it might sound confusing.

Let me tell you a story.

I'm the kind of person who mostly hates talking to people over the phone. I don't even talk to my best friends on the phone that much. I don't even talk to my father a lot on the phone. Don't get me wrong, it's the phone I hate. I love talking to people directly. I love giving warm hugs to my people whenever and wherever I meet them.

I have this immense admiration for a celebrity. Because of whom the whole story started.

With the inspiration from a fan page of my favorite celebrity which had a picture of a sunflower. I decided to start my own fan page. It was just to pass my time during this lockdown. As I started posting things on Instagram. I came across another page which posted letters for the same celebrity that I  started a fan page for. So I appreciated her page and also wrote my letter to her and sent it to her fan page ( letters fan page). She is really a kind person, we instantly clicked and we started talking about this celebrity and how much we both love her. And the funny thing is the sunflower girl was also following this girl's page who posted letters. I call her Saanya (letters fan page) even though her name is something else. Her real name is beautiful but I like to call her Saanya. We started talking to each other a lot. Similarly, I started talking to the sunflower girl and I call her Su and yes she also has a very beautiful name. 

If one day  I talked all day and all night to Saanya the next day it would be Su. 

Suddenly, Su created a group for three of us( as Su and Saanya knew about each other a little bit) and then later I named it huckleberry friends.

We talked about random things from talking about the love we had for food, books that we read, our studies, celebrity for whom we created this fan page, even news as well.. The list goes on. As random as our conversations were, it was also a lost world. It is our lost world. 

Su is a deep thinker. She goes on to philosophical aspects of things. It always amazed me about the way she looks at things. Saanya is my happy pill. Talking to her always makes me happy. We even used to put pictures if we made any special food.  Saanya and Su are both Punjabi. Saanya lives in India and she is pursuing a degree in Politics and Su stays in Germany and she is studying Psychology.  We talked about each other's culture as it's diverse and beautiful in its own way. As some of you might know I am a law student. I am a Malayali. That is all we knew about each other. We also talk a little bit about what is happening in our day to day life. 

It is like I have two virtual penpals.

One day we talked a whole day and then till 4 in the morning that was our lost world.

They also taught me about different things in life. Su would teach me how to speak in Italian and Germany and I learned like two sentences (LOL).

It was always these little things. We never had any expectations for each other. But still, somehow we got attached to each other. I couldn't pass a day without talking to them.

But I am aware that there is a real-life out there and one day we would stop this fan page and we are going to part ways without even knowing anything about each other.

The funny thing is we know everything about each other but still nothing. 

It's kinda starting, you know the parting ways thing... Su has her exams so she deactivated her accounts temporarily and Saanya also has to go through her schedule for the sake of her studies. I also started getting my assignments which I have to submit and I might get my exam schedule soon.

I met these two people at a time when I was really going through a rough period in my life. 

Even though my friends are there for me.

I still felt had this emptiness but talking to them kinda helped. I'm always grateful that I find someone when I am going through tough times one way or another.

Now going back to the normal world seems melancholic.

I don't wanna forget them.

I wish there was a parallel world where we all were having a face to face conversation... I wish 

We meet a lot of people on a daily basis. Some people make an impact on us. Sometimes we are aware of it. Sometimes it happens to us without even realizing it. 

Su and Saanya said something beautiful when we were talking to  eachother. I am just gonna put it as their quotes as it is already engraved in my heart.

" Maybe we will never meet and it's sad to think about it. But I know that a person like you exist in the other part of the world " ~ Su ~

" The most beautiful stranger turned friend " ~ Saanya ~ .

Strangers connected by heart ❤️ .

And finally my quote

"I know goodbyes are always the hardest. But I never knew saying goodbye to unknown faces would break my heart" ~ Soorya ~

Soorya Gayathri.

Stay awesome ❤️ 

Value everyone who is always there by your side.


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Nini Mappo
Aug 15
Aug 15

Hello Soorya,
I enjoyed your story and how readily your friendships blossomed across oceans, as if you were just kindred spirits waiting to find each other.

I didn't even know such things as fan pages existed, or that they can be starting points of heartwarming friendships. It so good to hear that the lock-down brought a deep contentedness for you in spite of social isolation. I hope that you three meet one day and enjoy a real hug;)
In sisterhood,

Aug 15
Aug 15

thanks for sharing

Aug 17
Aug 17

I smiled reading this :)

Thank you for sharing Soorya.


Catherine De Freitas

Hi Soorya, Such a lovely story :) and I can relate. I am so happy you connected with these lovely ladies at a time when you needed it. They will always be a part of your journey ( forever in your heart). Virtual hugs are great but real ones are even better. Who knows maybe your story does not end here and maybe one day you would all meet. :) Take good care of yourself. I wish you great success in your studies. :)

Hello, Soorya,

Sometimes it's easier to open up to strangers. I'm smiling while I read your story. It's so great how technology and fan pages can lead into friendships. I believe the bond you develop is strong enough for you to reconnect again. It's wise that you three need to focused on your studies.

One day, you'll meet, too, just like our World Pulse sisters here. As the cliché says, " If there's a will, there's a way!"

Aug 19
Aug 19

Hello Soorya,
I really have enjoyed reading your story and I like the way you have ended it which is very important t "value everyone who is always there by your side".

Thelma obani 2020
Aug 27
Aug 27

You are loved always.
Its good news you connected.
Their is power in good association as it uplifts your spirit

Aug 28
Aug 28

Thank you for sharing.