The burden of care work on wome and girls’s lives

Posted September 30, 2015 from Togo

Because women are generally assigned reproductive work in most of societies, it is generally expected from them to take care of family members and friends who need helps. This is a normal part of women role and they can keep away from it or refuse to do so. This is the case in many parts of the world, my part of the world included. For the rest of the family and community to feel safe and free to go to their own work, women and girls have to sacrify themselves most of the time, renouncing their dreams, accepting unsecure jobs. It is necessary that their voices be heard, their work and contribution recognised and solutions are found so that there is more equity in the sexual division of work. I would like to do something about this through advocacy, training, concrete solution. This will relieve a lot of women and girls and change the paths of their lives.

Grassroots Mobilizing

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Claudia Ashah
Oct 07, 2015
Oct 07, 2015

Hallo GD,

Your sentiments on womanhood and choices is the same for most women around the world and i agree. In  most cases, the woman has been as a baby-making machine and nothing more.

You've said that you would like to do something about raising your voice about the issue of sexual division of labour through advocacy, training. How do you plan to do that? Do you have a starting point?


Oct 07, 2015
Oct 07, 2015


Your post really hit home for me, as I have had to give up dreams and take lesser jobs for my family. While I am lucky that they are now pitching in for me to pursue my dreams, most other women are not so lucky. I agree with you, education and awareness about the contributions women can have to our society is the best way for women to succeed. Creating and giving life is a beautiful thing that women can do, but it is not the only thing we can do- we are capable of incredible things!



Oct 08, 2015
Oct 08, 2015

Hi GD,

I could listen to one of my best friends while reading your post. She had to let go her maternity dream to take care of her mom. Very painful and sad call, yet a very loving one too. Women deserve all the alternatives and possibilities, and the access to make them true. Access to education, to better-paid jobs, to funding for their projects... 

I'd love to read about your ideas on the advocacy or training path you'd like to start walking. What's your vision of it?

Warm regards,