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I am a mother of five daughters. I was fired for being a female driver for visiting Saudi Royals. The Prince named in our lawsuit Cooper Vs Prince passed away at the age of 86 during the collection phase. I am an advocate for the Saudi women to drive campaign. The ban on women drivers is set to be lifted June of 2018! Honk honk! I am also a supporter of the I Am My Own Guardian campaign and Stop Enslaving Saudi Women. On my Twitter account, I post articles, videos and links to stories about these issues under the hashtag #mommydrives. My Twitter handle is @mtnspiritbath and my Mountian Spirit Bath FB page is
I crowdfunded a small amount from my judgement award and with those funds started Mountain Spirit Bath. I am just starting to make all natural bath and body products using 100% natural plant based oils. My two girls, pictured in my World Pulse profile picture are the main helpers of packaging and creations.


Connecting with women who can identify with being discriminated against based on gender bias.


Human Rights for Women