Value of Time

Eugene Frank
Posted December 20, 2007 from United States

One of the most precious gifts we can give is time. This is particularly the case when a person is young and healthy. Even the young can be generous with time. We have volunteers who spend a year, sometimes in a foreigh country, helping others.

We have some older members of our community who like to write e-mails. One of them sends me 5 or 6 a day. Most of us who get these e-mails don't read them. I also have friends who send long jokes. I seldom read them.

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Maria Jett
Dec 24, 2007
Dec 24, 2007

The more I understand the value of time. I've always known that it's the most valuable thing to me, but sometimes I forget that it's also the most precious gift you can give to others. I shouldn't be so stingy!! Thank you for reminiding me.

Maria Jett, Online Community Director