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About Me

I am a US born woman with a background in marketing, fundraising and high tech recruiting. In my recruiting business, I help Silicon Valley venture-backed software and web 2.0 companies to identify and recruit technical talent for their product development teams. I am fortunate to work with many top engineers and inventors creating next generation internet technologies.
I am passionate about working for global human rights and women's empowerment. I am excited about volunteering my time and leveraging my talents in sales, recruiting and fundraising to assist grassroots organizations in forwarding their missions. I am a long-term supporter of the Global Fund for Women and have recently become active in developing PulseWire. I have recently begun helping PulseWire recruit technology advisors and developing a plan to foster collaboration on the site.
I have a 6 year old daughter from Kazakhstan and a strong interest in connecting with women from her homeland in order to expanding my understanding of the culture and women's issues in Kazakhstan. I would ultimately like to find a way to assist in the development of a women's focused NGO in Kazakhstan. I am married with an 12 year old step daughter and 10 year old step son. My family, world travel, motherhood My causes: global women's empowerment, human rights, Kazakhstani orphans Being pulled in too many directions, finding ways to leverage my expertise. fundraising, recruiting, community development, planning (I am adverse to procrastinating), worrying