The African dream.

George j Kanyihamba
Posted September 14, 2020 from Uganda

MY heart is paining due to the atrocities done to the  African continent, geared torwards the normative understanding of Africans and black people. I feel like blood is Oozing out of my heart. whatever is done to Africans and black people around the world, it hurts me as if they have done it to me personally. I write this with pure emotions and the one who should read it ,should first move to an emotional state in order to understand my message. I have used the easiest vacubularly not confuse or convince but for better Comprehension of the message to everyone out there. The young people, the visionary,the activists,the pan-Africanists,the humanists and The Afro- centrists.  I feel I have a sole responsibility of uniting the whole African continent given to me by God.   But God this is too much for me,why not acquaint my heart with solving my own personal problems, our family problems, our own community problems and our own national problems Instead of giving me the African dream,this is too much,iam not a politician it would be easy for me if I was would be easy to provide the political dream but my dream is a socio_economic  African dream. It started way back as a movie but really transformed to a dream and now feel like an entitlement to liberate the African continent through socio_economic development and organisational leadership. these words sound un usual and strange to some people who are reading this but iam making my humble appeal if there is anyone with this in the mind let us discuss all these ideas.

Remember united we stand,divided we fall.

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