Food insecurity in Uganda

George j Kanyihamba
Posted September 14, 2020 from Uganda

BY 2014 12% of the total population in the country was chronically food insecure in different areas which are scattered karamoja,Teso and Acholi regions.this has been attributed to poor rainfall performance during the first season 2015 ,which was characterised by long dry spells. Though food is largely available ,food access and utilisation are major limiting factors in 3 regions and minor limiting factors in other regions.this has been attributed to low levels of income,storage,inadequate nutritional awareness,cultural food preferences,poor sanitary and food preparation practices and wastage of food during harvest periods due to festivities. As we are going in festivities let's learn to maintain food security and sustainability. Thanks to all actors that work torwards the achievement of food security in uganda and Africa at large. @The hunger Project Uganda. #FAO #WOrld food program (WFP) # World vision. #UNHCR # OXFAM International. # Restless development uganda. @ Action Aid uganda. @ uganda government. World without hunger" "Hunger free society"

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Laetitia Shindano
Nov 13, 2020
Nov 13, 2020


Sinyuy Geraldine
Jun 25
Jun 25

Hello George, thank you so much for sharing this very important post on food security insecurity and highlighting the bodies that work to see that food is secured. I too in my own little way do act as a food security advocate. Without food, no one will survive.
stay blessed.