Training Plan: Sole Mothers Supporting Each other

Posted April 12, 2016 from Zimbabwe

I envision my first training session to be on WhatsApp, which is a common tool for communication in Zimbabwe. Essentially, as a first meeting, it will be the “get to know your peers” gathering. Here the participants should gain an insight into how we can possibly support each other, what the need for such support is. It will also be the objective of the meeting to hear the views of the other participants in the activities and needs that such a community of women has. This should help in crafting the basic structure of the whole program after this first meeting. The part that will be used from the Trainers toolkit is the session on sharing our stories. This can certainly be used as an ice breaker as well as further the objective of getting to know the group members. The main resource that I may need is time, to establish a time suitable for all the participants of this first meeting, so that we have clear undivided attention to the session. In the vent that the few ladies invited to this first session are unable to make the same time, we can have two different meetings at times convenient for the ladies. It will give flexibility to the first meeting as well as more input from the participants. The main safety concern will be issues of confidentiality, of which we will agree in principle to keep all information shared confidential and it will be prudent to essentially delete the group as soon as the session is done and all the relevant notes taken down for future reference.

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Stephanie Auxier
Apr 13, 2016
Apr 13, 2016

Hi Getrude,

I'm glad to see that you are using technology that your audience is already familiar with to implement your training, and I'd love to hear how using WhatsApp for a training goes. I also think it's a great idea to do some sort of icebreaker and to dedicate time for group members to get to know each other - with your group sharing information that is sensitive and confidential, it will be important for the group to gain trust of one another so that they feel comfortable being vulnerable. 

I look forward to hearing how your training goes, and what future group meetings come out of this first training session!



Terry Shiundu
Apr 18, 2016
Apr 18, 2016

Hi Getrude,

It's interesting to see how you intend to use technology to connect women together and especially knowing its a common tool that is used, i would truly love to hear how your first training goes. Just some quick questions, how long do you intend to undertake the training? Will there be a structured program to follow? Any take aways from the training, you would like the women to have? Sounds like its more of an informal training rather than a formal set up... a little more structure will help give focus. I'm glad that you also take into consideration the confidentiality issues. Will the training be open to people who are known to you or will friends be inviting friends, etc. Just some things to think about even as you plan. I look forward to hearing more on how it goes.

All the best!