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Dr Ghada Amer
Posted September 30, 2015 from Egypt

Hi Im Ghada Amer, I need to continue with the digital empowerment journey with World Plus, because the training give me the opportunity to meet great ladies, and to read their success stories, these stories, make me open my mind to new ways to overcome all obstacles that I faced as a women

My goals from participating in The Technology & Innovation group are, to learn about the other experiences in this filed, to share what I'm doing in the region to support the technology and innovation, and to collaborate with other ladies in the entire world

I'm interesting to address what we did to empower women by science and technology in Arab region and to explain the initiative that we established to support uneducated women

I will be grateful if we discuss how we can use all the social media to improve poor and uneducated women life, and how we connect them with us, I suggest that try to make the same training in our local language, so they can start to follow up what’s is going around them

Thank you for your time


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Sep 30, 2015
Sep 30, 2015

Dear Ghada,

I am very excited to have you with us, a sister from my region, and really hope that this group would help you generate ideas and find solutions to urgent questions. We are also eager to learn about your experience and and work in MENA.

I do agree with you, we need toolkits for women in MENA in their local languages. Maybe this is a project in the making.

Welcome on board sister,

Kadidia Doumbia
Oct 03, 2015
Oct 03, 2015

Dear Ghada,

Thank you for joining the Worldpulse family. You're correct it is the right place to make the righ and best connections.

Sharing is the key to empowerment. Don't wait for a specific place or time to share your knowledge and ideas with other women in your community and on the Worldpulse platform.

Your excitement will drive you farther than you may imagine in this new adventure.

Please keep us posted.

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