Women and Climate change issues

Dr Ghada Amer
Posted September 30, 2015 from Egypt

Because a big number of women are suffering from poverty in this part of the world, all the negative consequences that are related to climate change and contributing to high prices such as rising food prices due to lower crop ratio affect them,because as we al knowif worse climate conditions and rainfall declines willaffect anddamage thesoil, and thus harm Ladiesby making them to doa greater effort in order to feed their families, and especially that nearly 33% of Egyptian families headed by women. Which is achieved at the expense of their health and prevent them from exploiting their time on other things such as education and political participation.

Climate change and thus indirectly affect the health and education and culture, and the woman, but also in political freedom

In our country there are some enties like Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) who make an awareness by providing people with information about climate change campaigns. Many people are aware of environmental changes, but they do not realize the contexts in which they are located, because it lacked the necessary knowledge. The action takes place inawarness sessionsto discuss how the impact of climate change on everyday life and what are the differences between men and women, because it cannot overlook the reality that exists between gender difference. Based on this basis is appropriate procedures preparation.

women’s voices should heard and included in the decision making process, because they the first one who affect by this problem, and also because they know how they can affecting in all new generation and to encourage them to care about the issues that cases the climate change

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Oct 06, 2015
Oct 06, 2015

You are so right that women's voices are essential. I like how you make the point that climate change, which effects women's health, also effects the time they spend on education and levels of political participation. I am so glad that the ASTF is creating more awareness about this issue so that we can take the necessary actions. 

Damilola Fasoranti
Oct 09, 2015
Oct 09, 2015

Dear Ghada.amer,

I agree with you that climate change is a very topical issue around the world and I agree that the involvement of women, first in understanding this topic and then championing this cause is important.

I will like to also know how you feel the knowledge can be shared with more women and men to be inspired to act and save our earth.

Best regards,