Discrimination and rejection of persons with Disabilities

Posted March 3, 2021 from Cameroon

I vividly remember how God used my situation to place me to where he prepared for me. As a growing young man, my dream was to be a medical personnel. After writing my A/L GCE, I registered the entrance into the Government School for Health Personnel with option to specialise as a Laboratory Analyst. That year, by his grace, I succeeded in both exams. I  broke the news to my mom who wasn't aware of the entrance exams. Every arrangements were made and I succeeded in getting a room at half mile Limbe just behind the Regional hospital where the school is located.  Books were bought, uniforms and my Lab jacket that I used as a science student while in CCAS kumba. I  went and paid my registration fee and had the right  to attend classes. First day in school,  I realised from the results pasted that I was the first candidate in the South West Region by order of merit. I  attended my classes on the first and second days. On the 3rd day while in class, I  was requested to report at the Administrative block to see the Director who was a female lady. On arrival, I was ushered in and offered a seat. I met her with the Assistant Director who was a man. Guess what? ???? She began by asking my name and after responding she verified from the results sheet and nodded her head. She then requested me to walk to the other end of her office.  I  obeyed the instructions. Taking my seat, she asked if I'd paid my registration fee and the response was in the affirmative.  She turned to the Assistant Director and asked him, "HOW CAN YOU ACCEPT A MAN LIKE THIS?  THIS SCHOOL IS NOT MEANT FOR SUCH PEOPLE. LABORATORY ANALYSIS DOESN'T MEAN YOU ONLY SIT DOWN.  IT REQUIRES MOVEMENTS". God forgive. .... Let's continue later.  Have a nice day.

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Jill Langhus
Mar 05
Mar 05

Hi Ginie,

How are you? So, they didn't want to accept you because you are a man? I'm not completely following. Thanks for sharing.