Posted March 20, 2021 from Cameroon

One of the major physical challenges that persons with disabilities face is accessibility. I have very high respect for those who have passed through the university education because I know that's one of the areas where the challenge is just too much. Moving from one amphitheatre to another in order to catch up with lectures is quite challenging. I  had the opportunity to spend more than half a year in a very modern structure in Yaounde. Quite accessible for wheelchair users but one thing is that if you enter this structure and there's power failure,  you are blocked because of lack of ramps along the staircases.  The 2010 law provides for adjustment of structures to suit the conditions of persons with disabilities. I was so happy to learn from an Inspector of Services in the ministry of Secondary Education who rejected a building project for lack of ramps in one of our regions. All efforts to use the  backdoor system of envelopes were futile. When we do all of these, do we even for one minute think that we maybe the next person in need of this service?  Let's learn to be our brothers' keepers. Remember, you are blind if you see nothing in your sister exvept the physical challenges.  In God's image, we're made. Happy weekend.

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Jill Langhus
Mar 22
Mar 22

Hi Ginie,

How are you? Thanks for sharing. I'm inspired to hear about your tenacity to pursue and complete your education despite these challenges. What is a "backdoor system of envelopes?"

Hope you have a good, safe week, dear.

Beth Lacey
Mar 25
Mar 25

I wish everyone would hear your words "In God's image, we're made"