Covid-19 pandemic and persons with Disabilities

Posted April 26, 2021 from Cameroon

Before the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic persons with Disabilities was involved in a petit business

Covid-19 came with a lot of restrictions that stopped them to continue with any activity, the small money they have at hand got finished, today, we have trained some of women with Disabilities to produce home made hand sanitizer but it is very difficult to get to the field and do Free distribution

We have try the door to door distribution but it's difficult due to our mobility impairment

This story was submitted in response to #OurImpact.

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Apr 27
Apr 27

Hi Ginie,
The photo looks really fabulous! During a difficult challenge everyone is really enjoying the moment. It's moments like these that make the difference.

Apr 29
Apr 29

This is inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

Susu Mohamed
May 04
May 04

Dear Ginie,
strong work i love those who assisting disability and Vulnerable people like you.
thanks dear,
much love