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About Me

I live in Eugene Oregon and I worked 35 years with people with disabilities and its rather ironic that i was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, in the prime of my life and my career. I was forced to retire early at 53 due to my symptoms and severe back pain. Getting MS has ended up being a good thing, One day I took down my box of journals from the 70's, 80's and 90's, and I began to write. I have just self-published three ebooks on the site Smashwords.com the books "From the Waters of Coyote Springs" and "Felix and Eve" and "The Arrangement". And have a paperback book that is called "The Eve Chronicles" which contains all three books. These three books are fictionalized memoirs and tell my story from when I first moved West to Oregon and lived in the forest doing timber stand exams in eastern Oregon. I livied in a tent and spent the days measuring the timber,around Coyote Springs. Without phones, running hot water or bathroom facilities I lived out in the remote wilderness near Joseph Oregon. See my webpage http://dide22.wix.com/diane-devillers

Getting MS was just the beginning of a wonderful life where I have the time to write books, that had been sitting in a box for 30 years. I am a strong, self reliant, fighter and I have people in my life that love me. I grow beautiful gardens around my home, and I am living with the love of my life. The change of a lifetime is the change in me. There are some days where my pain is so intense i have to lie flat, my MS is progressive, but i am not afraid, my life is what I want it to be. My next novel is "All I Ever Wanted" and I get so involved in my writing that i dream chapters and get up in the middle of the night to write them down. It's like it comes from somewhere else and I am just the conduit. Women around the world are all my sisters and we have a common thread. The feminization of the world should be our only goal. Globally we must unite. Being involved in the world is a responsibility. If one woman is hurt we all should feel her pain. Expect men in our lives to be kind and loving. Expect women to live lives that they choose. Empower women and girls when you can. It’s all about choice. We have the power inside us. Stay strong. To read some of my stories and my articles see below for link to Hubpages.com/girlpower and listen to my acoustic music on Myspace.com/SmartyPants196 Or Diane DeVillers on Kicktone.com or Bandcamp or Reverbnation to hear my folk music. You can order my book directly from me at dide22@yahoo.com or from Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, or any bookstore can order from the Ingram catalog, it costs 14.95 From dide in Eugene Oregon, USA Writing, songwriting, playing guitar, loving the people who love me Having MS, witing my next novel, being a good person Storytelling, soul collecting, inspriring strong women, politics, gardening

My Vision

Women will be running the world soon, don't you think we need a change to do so? A kinder, gentler world.


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