Hillary speaks about 'the emails" in her speech at the United Nations about women

Diane DeVillers
Posted March 10, 2015 from United States

Hillary Clinton spoke at the United Nations today about how there has been no better time in History for women and empowering girls and women.

I've been a fan of Hillary for a long time, she conducts herself professionally, she doesn't mind being hit head on by people who challenge her. And since women are underrepresented in Congress 17percent, she is by far the most qualifed to run for President. She nearly made it eight years ago, and the democratic party deserted her and went with a black man.

To this day many men and women hold a grudge against her and Bill, what happens in their personal lives is their business. Her personal emails are hers, I guess most of us would agree. But there remains a big mysoginist attitude for strong women. And its not going to stop her this time. The old, ridged white male in Congress will be taken down and new people who are more tolerant will replace them.

What would be so wrong in supporting Hillary, what would having a woman take the reins happen? Perhaps a kinder, gentler America, I'm not saying she isn't tough, just look at what she has over come? America has another chance at making history. (Herstory)


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Yvette Warren
Mar 11, 2015
Mar 11, 2015

I so wish we would here your voice in your journal.