To women celebrities like Lady Gaga who say they aren't feminist. Like it's a dirty F word

girlpower Dide
Posted March 25, 2015 from United States
Dide on the beach making a stand for feminism

Listen to this funny songwriter sing to all the women celebrities like Lady Gaga who say they are not feminist. There is a strange rumor being circulated that we don't need feminism any longer. Boy are they wrong.

In a Congress that has only 17 percent of women in it, how women still make 76 cents on the dollar that men make for doing the same job....the list goes on and on. Why do some women see feminism as a dirty "F" word? What's wrong with trying to be hear in this still male dominated society?

Why would women not want to be associated with being feminists? A form of misogyny in a world where the gender gap still exists. Are these women brainwashed like some Stepford Wives??

I'm not afraid to say feminism is alive and well. And it's here to stay. Whether they like it or not. Call it by another name if you want to but to deny it, well it's sad. In a world where Boko Harem can kidnap 250 girls and they still haven't been found yet, although the leader said "We married them all off". Really? What century are we living in? And where's the outrage from the rest of the world???

Empowering women and girls should be a top priority, for when a nation empowers it's women and girls it enriches society and makes for happier women and men. And what about all the male feminist out there, let's not forget them either. All the evolved men that enjoy strong women, stand for women's rights along side our sisters. They don't get enough credit. Here's for all our men and boys who treat women with respect and want what's the best for them.

You'll get a kick out of this. Then read the rest of the article below the video .

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