'A Song for MS" another song to bring awareness to Multiple Sclerosis

Diane DeVillers
Posted April 1, 2015 from United States

Listen to this song about getting rid of stress in your life. Then check out other songs on

"A song for MS" on facebook the site where musicians post their songs and video's and then challenge other musicians to post. After you listen to this song, go ahead and listen to other musicians from around the world.


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Terry Mullins
Apr 02, 2015
Apr 02, 2015

Thank you for posting so many resources on the World Pulse website about an array of issues. You share so much...it is truly appreciated.

Diane DeVillers
Apr 02, 2015
Apr 02, 2015

Terry, thanks for comments, sometimes I wonder if my blogging is reaching people, a lot of people don't comment so i appreciate knowing someone is out there. I so enjoy Worldpulse and the world wide reach to empower women and girls. In a world where women are still suffering inequality, us in America seem to have so much more than in other countries. That is why i post, to reach people beyond USA and hope to challenge them to rise up to be their best, true self.

I would love to come up to Portland to be at the Worldpulse convention, seems i just can't get up there, i do enjoy listening and watching the podcasts. I imagine somewhere on this site i could find some back logged speeches.

Great to see you choosing to give up the corporate and come into the public, in a more creative atmosphere, I am sure you took a pay cut, but heck, you will reap the benefits from having a more creative lifestyle. I look forward to seeing you thrive in our Worldpulse community.

Check out my three books in "The Eve Chronicles" on amazon at


and my website I designed by myself, http://dide22.wix.com/diane-devillers

If it wasn't for getting Multiple Sclerosis I never would have found the time to turn my journals into three books. They started from the early eighties when i first moved to Oregon and I lived in my tent in the Wallowa Mts in eastern Oregon working in a crew of foresters doing timber inventory.

http://settingforth.org/?p=3489 here is a short story i just got published in a e magazine called setting forth. I should probably share it Worldpulse commuity. I think i will do that

right now. Also check out my resource page on WP 

That will keep you busy for awhile. Keep in touch.