Read a short story called "God lives in a nursing home in WI" by girlpower aka dd

Diane DeVillers
Posted April 2, 2015 from United States
Hummingbird out my short story that was published in a new literay online magazine called Setting Forth from Eugene Oregon. And if you are an author or a reader or both sign up to get on their mailing list. You can enjoy the fine literature that makes it's way onto it's pages.

They are always looking for entries of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, essays, illustrations and readership is growing. It's one of the most insipiring online magazines out there.

Katherine Valentino is the editor and it went live last year in July 2014. She even helped my story by some downright thoughtful editing. She made me look good and i need all the help I can get.

So check out setting forth.

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Emily Garcia
Apr 03, 2015
Apr 03, 2015

Girlpower, I loved this story! Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoyed the humor, the plays on the word "one," the special relationship between Norman and his caretaker, the narrator and the secret relationship they shared. Truly beautiful!