Empowering girls and women. Feminism is still needed around the world

Diane DeVillers
Posted April 9, 2015 from United States

I am 59 and found myself becoming more able to stand my ground as i grew older. But i was always rather outspoken, but knew when to be silent at times i need to be. The wisdom to know the difference that is the rub. . As young women, it's important that they learn their own voice and to stay the course, and never let men push over you, either in your relationships or in the workforce.

Learning assertiveness skills is very important to avoid being passive aggressive, and to avoid letting people run over you. Especially women who are subjected to many males who are not always looking out for them. Misogyny still exists all the way up into the CEO's of companies and institutions, so women should look out for other women those above and below in the organizations they find themselves. Women make still 76 cents on the dollar that men make doing the same job. When we retire our retirement in social security benefits will be that much less than the average man. In 1974 it was 74 cents on the dollar so we haven't come a long way.

Empowering girls and women should be societies biggest goal, as when women are empowered the society they live in becomes empowered. Feminism seems to be a dirty word these days and many young women don't feel there is a need for it. But look around the country women make up less than 19 percent in Congress, 1 in 3 women are sexually abused, and women are still in the lower percentage group of CEO's. And it's slowing getting better but women need to keep up the fight and not rest back on our laurels. There is more work to be done.

Diane DeVillers aka girlpower

Eugene Oregon 97403

Check out my book "The Eve Chronicles" on Amazon.com. It's a fictionalized memoir about the early eighties when i first moved to Oregon when I lived in a tent doing timber inventory in the Wallowa Mts. in eastern Oregon. In a mostly men crew, I soon had the nickname "Queen of the comeback" i learned how to stand my ground.

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