Where are our girls Boko Harem? Why is the world silent?

girlpower Dide
Posted April 14, 2015 from United States


A year later and still the 270 girls kidnapped in Nigeria are still missing. "Married off" to men who marry young girls. The leader of Boko Harem is responsible. Why is the world silent about this?\

Where is the outrage? Why is the world moving on and giving no headlines to this injustice. "Married off" doesn't cut it, it's unacceptable. The women of the world must unite in our discust over this. The arm of America could be doing something!

I won't forget them, I won't allow them to be forgotten.

And you shouldn't either. Write your people in congress or your President.

Maybe Hillary will take this on if she becomes President.

Vote. Women should be proud that we could have a female President. What took so long? Who better than an experienced ex-Secretary of State, who knows her own mind and has been calling to empower women and girls for decades. Dare to dream

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