Shop charges women less and men more to make up the 76 cents on the dollar inequality

girlpower Dide
Posted April 20, 2015 from United States
I am woman hear me roar!!

When I was 16 women made 74 cents on the dollar doing the same job that a man did and he made a dollar on. Where is the outrage? When will the world start treating women with fairness and equality? How many years do women have to be treated as second class citizens?

How does this look to girls growing up, to have the vision that life isn't fair and that men get treated better? Believe me, it's something I have been working for as a feminist for over 40 years. Feminism isn't just another "F" word, it's alive and well, and we haven't come a long way...and don't call me baby.

Wage inequality is wrong and you know it. Why can't our government pass laws that entitle the female sex to equality?

So this shop is charging men more and giving women more worth when they spend money in their store. Who''s going to be next? What industry or company will follow suit? When will fairness come to America and around the world.

Maybe it will take Hillary Clinton to make that change. Why so much resistance to her already? Are men afraid that women, if they get in power, will mistreat men like they did us? Look at all the abuse, rape and meaness women get in this country. Look at all the abuse of women and girls. One in three college women were raped. Why is there so much desencion? Don't women deserve to be treated as well as men? The days of the old white men running this country is slowing dying out like extinct dinosaurs. Make way for the change, empower girls and women. It can only enhance goodness in society.

Stop supporting people and companies that don't treat women equally.

Stand up to sexism at it's worst. Be heard. Shatter that glass, class, ceiling.

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Emily Garcia
Apr 21, 2015
Apr 21, 2015

Hello Girlpower!

Thank you for your strong words and your call to action to shatter the glass ceiling of wage discrimination.

Did you intend to post this to the Path to Participation initiative by World Pulse and our partner No Ceilings, of the Clinton Foundation? 

If so, I can help you do that. If not, I encourage you to!

Over the course of a month, until May 14th, World Pulse and No Ceilings are crowdsourcing stories in response to No Ceilings' recently released report on the status of women around the world. 

You can learn more about this initiative, read submissions, and submit your own here:

Kind regards,