An essay about becoming too dependent on devices, and to remain in the present moment, be here now.

girlpower Dide
Posted April 20, 2015 from United States

This is something i read today, it's about not becoming too wrapped up in our devices, phones, computers, that we need to stay grounded and present, in the now, touch somone's hand, give someone a hug, be in the now and be present, always present. here's the essay: The average person checks his or her phone 150 times a day Our phone is the center of our life. There's more power and personality in our pocket than in the rest of our traditional screens combined. We're more connected to what fits in our backpack than what sits in our living room. There's so much "us" in these devicesthatlife comes to a standstill if we misplace them. Our phone isbrimming with information,bursting with content,overflowing with entertainment. It's remarkable, really. But at times,we're not looking for mobility.We're looking for more. More energy,more sharing,more size,more sound. Stronger speakers,bigger screens,bigger experiences. We're looking totruly showcasethe apps,the content,the connections,the possibilities. Those little touches of "us" that we add to our phone 150 times a day. Toconnect uncompromising capabilitiesandbig-screen experiences, Showcasing a little of ourselves in the process.

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